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10+ Years Old Atopic Dermatitis Recovered In 8 Months With Treatment At Life Force

An 11-years-old cute little girl (PIN 30250) visited Life Force on 8th November 2016 to get treated for atopic dermatitis. She suffered from this disturbing disease from the last ten years, but the lesions had started spreading on her neck, forearms, and behind the knees recently. She suffered from tremendous itching, and the affected skin had turned rough. The lesions were spreading, in spite of applying steroids cream daily, from the last one year.

Her itching was severe at night, after the exposure to sun, and after sweating. On inquiring about investigations, the allergy levels were as high as 1348. 

Physical Generals:

She was a vegetarian by diet. He appetite was good, and she had a craving for milk and Chinese food. Her water intake was not adequate, and thermally, she was sensitive to the hot weather.

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Past History:

There was no major illness in the past, apart from otitis media and fever for which she was hospitalized

Family History:

There was a strong family history of diabetes and hypertension on her paternal side. There was no history of any skin disease in the family.
Self And Family Set-Up:

She lived in a family of four. Her father was into a glass trading business. Her mother was a housewife and brother was 17-years-old.  


On inquiring about her nature, parents mentioned that she was an obstinate child. She always used to think she is right. Basically, she was a timid child and had a morbid fear of dark and heights.


Dr. Shah educated the parents about the disease and they were made aware of the action of steroids and their withdrawal effects. They were advised to taper off the steroid cream application and stop using it gradually. They were well-informed about the chronicity of the disease due to which the treatment would go on for a long time. Advice for the use of regular moisturizer and adequate hydration was provided. 


The first follow-up of the patient dated 15th December 2016 was a remarkable one. Fortunately, there was no flare-up after withdrawing the steroid application. Moreover, there was a significant reduction in the lesions and itching was also under control. There were no new patches, and parents were sincerely following the instructions as advised. Further medicines were prescribed accordingly.

There was a consistent improvement seen in the following follow-ups till the month of July 2017. The patient was advised to repeat allergy levels (IgE levels) in order to compare the allergy status and, thereby, the improvement. When the parents visited the clinic on 15th July 2017, the patient’s mother happily exclaimed her daughter’s recovery had been consistent. She had sleepless nights due to itching which disturbed her and the whole family. The lesions were recovered by almost 90%, and the patient could now focus on her studies. The patient’s father shared his experience through a testimonial.


Homeopathy works wonders in taking care of any allergic condition. The long-standing atopic dermatitis responded well within eight months of treatment. A good immunity with apt diagnosis and treatment helps to recover from atopic dermatitis consistently within a short period of time.  

- Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

                         Before                                                                               After


                        Before                                                                                After


                              Before                                                                      After




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