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GBS Got Treated Excellently With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 56-years-old male patient, Mr A. S. (Patient Identification no- 13223) availed online treatment on 22nd January 2010 for Guillain-barre- syndrome (GBS). He had GBS problem from the past one year, and at that time he was admitted in hospital and was on ventilator. After a few months, his condition got stable but did not improve significantly. When he contacted Life Force, he suffered from poor muscle power in his hands. His fingers were stiff, and he could not grip the objects. He was dependent on others for his daily activities, such as brushing, dressing up, eating, and activities. He could not close his mouth completely. He was continuously doing physiotherapy, but the residual symptoms of GBS still persisted. Although with physiotherapy, his gait had improved.

Mr A. K. was a stout person. His appetite was reduced due to illness. He preferred mixed diet. There was a marked craving for chicken and sweet food. 

He was a businessman living with his wife, son, and daughter. Son was an engineer and daughter was just married. His family lived in a village, and he used to stay in city for business. He had a good relation with all family members.

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His father died due to lung cancer. His mother died due to heart problem. His brother had brain tumor.

He had suffered from cold allergy 20 years back.

He was a simple person and hardworking businessman. He was a kind of person who took responsibilities and managed it well. He never expressed his anger

After studying the case details and taking all the parameters into consideration, Dr .Shah prescribed constitutional medicine for him along with our research based medicines. He was advised to continue physiotherapy and calcium supplements. He was prescribed medicines for 2 months.

After 3 months of treatment, when he came for a follow-up in April 2010, the patient showed very good improvement in muscle power. He was able to lift both his hands upright and could sustain for 5 to 10 minutes. He had started eating with the help of spoon but slowly. Swelling in joints was better by 20%. He could not close his mouth completely. There was an improvement in walking by 20%.

After 6 months of treatment, when the patient came for a follow-up in July 2010, the patient reported with 30% improvement in both his hands. His muscle power had improved. He was able to eat by holding the spoon. He could lift his hands upright. His swelling had reduced. The most remarking thing was that he could lift 1.5 to 2 kgs of weight.

After 9 months of treatment, when he came for a follow-up in Oct 2010, the patient reported with a remarkable improvement. He had started writing a few sentences. He could write for about 10 to 15 minutes at a stretch. With some efforts, he could close his mouth completely.

After 1 year of treatment, when the patent gave a follow-up in Jan 2011, the patient reported with a stable condition as the previous follow-up. He could walk normally without any support now, but his other improvements were same as previous follow-up. Dr Shah reviewed the case and increased the power of medicines.

This time patient visited after 6 months of gap in the treatment i.e. in Oct 2011. Fortunately, his condition was stable as seen in the previous follow-up. No further improvement was noted even though the physiotherapy was continued. His case was reviewed again and 3 months medicines were prescribed.

In the next follow-up in Jan 2013, the patient reported with more than 50% improvement in the muscle power of hands. His swelling had reduced completely. The constant feeling of fatigue had gone, and he started to enjoy refreshing sleep. He could write for 30 to 40 minutes at a stretch.

This time when the patient visited one month late i.e. in May 2013, the patient reported with overall more than 60 % recovery. As patient described, his grip had improved by 60% in both the hands. He can close the fist and stiffness has reduced by 70%. He can lift a weight of 5 to 7 kgs and can write normally for an hour at a stretch.

In May 2014, the patient gave feedback online. There was 70% relief in all complaints. As patient described, his grip has improved by 60% in both the hands. He can close the fist and stiffness has reduced by 70%. His muscles power had improved a lot.

In August 2015, when he filled up the feedback form, there was overall 75% improvement. He was able to lift a weight of 3-5 kgs with one arm at a time, so cumulative he could lift around 5-7 kgs maximum with both his hands.

In March 2016, he reported online that all his improvement. He was able to close/make fist and his grip also improved. He was able to bring both his arms behind his back at the same time, and he could make their contact at the back but with difficulty.

In June 2017, he gave feedback over the phone. There was more than 75% improvement. His grip had improved a lot. He was able to lift weight more than 5 kg at a time and more than 7 kg with both his hands. He could perform his daily work. He was able to lift both his arms straight upwards at the same time and could sustain that position. Also, he was able to bring both his arms behind his back at the same time and could make their contact at the back but with difficulty.

Mr A. K. continues to take homeopathic treatment from Life Force for his further recovery.


This case shows that homeopathy can treat rare diseases, such as GBS, effectively. Indeed, homoeopathy has a vast scope in treating various serious diseases beyond common colds and coughs!
-Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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