Chronic Varicose Ulcer Healed Swiftly In 2 Months With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 49-years-old businessman from Rajasthan, India, Mr. M.Y. (PIN: 16359) reported at Life Force in June 2011. He had been suffering from a non-healing varicose ulcer on his right leg for the last 3 years. The ulcer was large, about 6-8 cm in diameter, with a reddish raw surface and an offensive discharge. He had to dress it up every day, but still, there was no improvement seen. He was not a diabetic patient. He was not willing to take antibiotics (conventional) medicines as he had a bad experience with it in the past. He used to like mountaineering and had been doing it on a regular basis. But because of the ulcer, his doctor had advised him to avoid trekking. This had upset him and he came to Life Force with high hopes for a recovery. 

Personal Details:
The patient was addicted to tobacco, and he would take it 7-8 times a day. He would also consume alcohol 4-5 times in a month. Thermally, he was a hot patient. His appetite, thirst, and bowel habits were normal. 

Emotional Aspects:
As a person, he was family-oriented having a mild temperament. Socially, he was not very communicative. He was a lively person contended with his life. He often used to suppress his emotions rather than sharing it with his friends or family members. 

Family History Of Medical Illness:
His father was hypertensive and had ischemic heart disease. His mother also had a heart disease, and she had expired because of the same. 

At Life Force:
After going through his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him constitutional medicines in June 2011. 

When he reported his first follow-up in August 2011, he was very happy to experience a rapid improvement with more than 80% healing in just 2 months. The patient thanked Dr. Shah and his team repeatedly. “I am preparing for my new plan of mountaineering” The raw area was covered with very healthy granulation tissues. His deep ulcer had filled up. The discharge along with the slough (dead area) had reduced up to 90%. The patient was very happy and was preparing a new mountaineering trip. He was seeking Dr. Shah’s permission for the same. Dr. Shah was very happy with the swift healing, however, he advised the patient to allow some more time. Dr. Shah assured him a permanent cure, however, the patient was advised to refrain from avoidable overexertion. 

This case highlights that homeopathy promotes quick and effective healing of chronic varicose ulcer safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. PAD, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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