Patient Got A Great Relief From Trigeminal Neuralgia With Life Force Treatment

A 31-years-old female patient, Mrs. R.S. (Patient Ref. No.-30242) reported at the clinic on 7th November 2016 with the complaint of trigeminal neuralgia (left sided). The patient was suffering from this complaint since 5 years, but the disease was progressing since 1 month. She was experiencing left sided facial pain. Pain used to start from the left ear and end on the left teeth. Its frequency was twice in a week. And, the pain was getting severe since one month. The patient was taking allopathic medicine continuously. Her condition aggravated during cold air exposure, change of weather, pressure, and stress.

Her appetite was average. She was very fond of sweets. Her diet was mixed (Veg and Non-Veg both). Her thirst was normal. Her sweating was too less. Her motion & urine were normal. Her menses cycle was of 23 days.

She had suffered from chickenpox during her childhood, and 2 years back she suffered from typhoid. In the past, she also had complaints of migraine & pain in left leg and knee. In her family, her father was suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

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She was talkative in nature. She used to get agitated when conditions used to go against her will. She could express herself only to selective people. She was stubborn. She had fixed ideas so she did not want to change herself. She had a fear of snakes. In her childhood, due to bad relationship of her parents she was not interested in marriage.

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed the medicine by Dr. Shah on the basis of totality of symptoms. 

During her first follow-up on 23rd December 2016, she didn’t report any marked improvement. Her condition was aggravated, so Dr Shah made required changes in her medicine.

Patient reported for the next follow-up in the month of February 2017. She had experienced a drastic improvement in the relief from intensity of pain. Her condition had improved by more than 50%.

In the month of March 2017, she reported a slight increase in facial pain but all other symptoms had improved a lot. Dr. Shah again made required changes in the medicine.

On her next follow-up, her condition was improved by more than 90%. All symptoms had shown an improvement providing her a relief. Just a mild pain was experienced occasionally only in the damp weather.

She is still continuing her treatment from Life Force for total recovery.


This case study highlights that homeopathy offers you a great relief from the pain and discomfort resulting due to trigeminal neuralgia effectively.

-Written by Dr Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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