A Great Relief & Recovery From Piles Achieved Due To Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

A 21-years-old young girl, Ms. J.V.M. (pin no- 29855) consulted at Life Force for treating her complaints of piles on the 22nd September 2016. She was suffering from this complaint since many years, but her disease had progressed significantly in the last one month. She was suffering from a severe pain during and after defecation. The pain used to remain for a long time even after passing the stools. Occasionally, blood was noticed along with stools. Soreness around anus was also present that used to remain, sometimes, for the whole day. She was suffering from chronic constipation. Her stools were unsatisfactory. She had to strain a lot to pass the stools. The frequency of stools was twice in a day. Apart from this, she was also suffering from PCOD and migraine. She had acne & excessive hair growth on face and other parts of body. Besides this, hair fall was also present. All her complaints had progressed in the last few months. For piles and migraine complaints she was taking allopathic medicine, but for PCOD she was not taking any medicine.

She had a fair skin and had an average build. She was vegetarian by diet. Her appetite was less. She desired sour and sweet food. Her thirst was very less. She had been drinking only 2 glasses of water daily. Her perspiration was average, but mainly used to occur on palms and soles. Her bowel movements were hard and unsatisfied. Her sleep was sound. Her menses was irregular.

She was in 2nd year of her graduation. Her father and mother were running a business, and her elder sister was studying for Masters degree. 

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She had no specific past history. Her father was suffering from diabetes and hypertension, and her mother was suffering from Oral LP, asthma, and hypertension. Her maternal grandfather had stomach cancer, and her maternal grandmother had hypothyroidism. 

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and he prescribed her Pulsatilla and his research based molecule.

On 22nd November 2016, when she gave her first follow-up, her relief from complaints had started to show improvement. She got 50% improvement in relief from migraine and piles, and she was showing 30% improvement in the relief from PCOD.

A few months later on 3rd February 2017, when the patient gave her follow-up, her condition was under control. There was no aggravation in her condition.

On her next follow-up on 6th May 2017, her relief from piles had improved by 90%. She was not facing bleeding complaint in stools since a few months, and her relief from pain as well as soreness had also improved a lot. She reported 50-60% improvement in the relief from PCOD. Her acne had improved, and also her facial hair had become thin. Overall, she was better. She had experienced a drastic improvement in the relief from piles. She had not seen the development of any new spots after April 2017, only hyper-pigmentation of LP spots was remaining. Her relief from anxiety had also improved.

The patient gave her next follow-up on 18th July 2017. Her piles complaint was totally cured. She was not facing any symptoms of piles since two months. Patient was happy with her result and recovery. Her relief from PCOD complaint had improved by more than 75%. Her menses had occurred in July, and other symptoms, such as acne and hair growth on face, were also showing improvement in terms of relief. 

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.


The complaints and discomfort due to piles can be relieved to a great extent by following homeopathic treatment from an expert homeopath.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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