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Excellent Recovery From Piles In Short Time With Life Force Treatment

A 30-years-old woman, Mrs. S. N. (PIN No- 31207) consulted Life Force Pune Sasoon branch on 5th February 2017 for her complaints of piles. She was suffering from throbbing pain in the anal region. Her pain was radiated to the legs. She used to feel weak after pain. She had one episode of bleeding before 1 month. Her complaints had started after the second delivery. On examination, the doctor observed that she had 2 external piles at 12 o'clock & 6 o’clock position. She was on conventional treatment from past one year.

Mrs S. N. also had complaints of acidity from the past eight years. She used to suffer from nausea, headache, and bilious vomiting. Her complaints used to get triggered by irregular meals and lack of sleep. 

She was average build lady. She preferred the vegetarian diet. She had a marked craving for spicy food. 

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Mrs. S. N. was a homemaker. Her husband was working in IT company. Her son was 2 years old and daughter was 8 years old. She had good relations with all family members. 

There was no major illness in her family.

She had suffered from bleeding from anus before 1 month.

Mrs. S. N. was a gentle, sober, and mild lady. She had happy-go-lucky life till the visit. She never faced any stressful event. 

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Hamamellis 30 C with research-based molecules for piles.

Mrs. S. N. gave her first feedback over the phone on 25th April 2017. She had experienced overall 50% improvement in relief. Pain and itching at anus had reduced. Weakness due to pain had also reduced.

She visited for feedback the second time on 15th June 2017. She was then experiencing 80% improvement. The relief from pain and itching at anal region was much better than earlier. Her acidity had also reduced a lot. 

Mrs. S. N. reported on 9th August 2017 that there was 90% improvement in her condition. Pain and itching at anal region had reduced a lot. Her dependency on conventional Rx had reduced significantly. Her relief from acidity was also 70% better. 


External piles can be effectively treated with a well-selected homeopathic remedy that offers good results in a short duration.

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah 

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