9 Years Old Fungal Infection Relieved In 9 Months At Life Force

A 73-years-old female patient, Mrs. S.S.K. (Patient Ref. No.-30200) consulted at the clinic on 3rd November 2016 with the complaint of fungal infection. The patient was suffering from this complaint of fungal infection since 9 years. She was experiencing thick white eruptions on the internal and external side of genitals. She was suffering from itching all over her body. She was also suffering from the discomfort due to the burning sensation and sensitivity in her private parts. Her private parts had a very offensive smell. Except for genitals, there were no eruptions on her body. Just itching was affecting her whole body. Patient had taken homeopathic medicine from another doctor, but, after his death, she discontinued the medication. Patient’s discomfort due to itching had become very severe since 1 years. No other treatment was effective in her case. Along with fungal infection, she was also suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, and arthritis. 

Her appetite and thirst were average. There was no specific desire for food. She had an aversion for meat. Her sweating was normal. Her motion & urine were normal. Her menopause occurred 24 years back. Her sleep was very disturbed.

She was expressive, bold, talkative, and adjustable by nature. She liked company. She was always excited to do new things. She became agitated when conditions went against her will.

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In the past, she had suffered from Herpes zoster. In her family history, her father was a diabetic patient and her mother had suffered from leprosy.

She was a home maker. Her husband was a retired person. In her family, she had one son, daughter-in law, and three grandchildren.

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed the medicine by Dr. Shah on the basis of her symptoms. 

During her first follow-up on 19th December 2016, she reported a few small maculo-papular red eruptions developed all over her body & red black eruption developed on her cheek. Her itching had also increased a bit. After further study, Dr. Shah did the required changes in the medicines.

On her follow-up on 8th March 2017, she experienced a good improvement in her condition. She had experienced an improvement by more than 50%. Her relief from eruption and itching had improved a lot. The burning sensation and sensitivity in her private parts were totally relieved. Her relief from arthritis complaint had also improved more than 50%. Patient’s generals and mental both were showing a good improvement. 

In the month of April 2017, she reported more that 60% improvement in her recovery from the fungal infection. Patient was very happy with the treatment.

On 4th June 2017, when the patient gave her follow-up, her condition had improved a lot. But, her itching was mildly increased since last 15 days. Her other complaints were also under control.

On her next follow-up in July, her condition was much better. All her eruptions were totally cured. Only a mild itching was remaining.

The patient is still continuing the treatment for total recovery. 


Homeopathy is highly effective in treating a 9 years old fungal infection in a short time of 9 months successfully without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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