A College Student Got Relieved Of GERD In A Few Months With Life Force’s Homeopathy

A 23-years-old male, Mr. D N K (PIN 31322) visited Borivali branch of Life Force on 17th February 2017 for getting his GERD i.e gastro oesophageal reflux disease treated.

He was suffering from GERD since Jan 2017. He was experiencing retrosternal burning, sensation of food coming up, along with sour eructations and mild pain in stomach almost daily for which he was taking antacids and anti-emetics. OGD Scopy suggested lax lower esophageal sphincter, mild antral erythema, and gastritis.

Along with GERD, he was suffering from burning micturition that used to last for 20-25 minutes after micturition and had dark coloured urine. Ultrasonography suggestive of cystitis for which he was been treated with antispasmodics.

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In addition to this, he was also suffering from burning pain, itching in anus, and fissure-in-ano since September 2016 for which he applied topical steroid cream.

He was non-vegetarian by diet. He used to crave for spicy food and had an aversion to milk.  His thirst was very less, and he was sensitivity to the cold weather.

He has disturbed sleep and satisfactory motions with dysuria issues sometimes.

He was a commerce student. His father was a businessman by occupation, his mother was working in State bank of India, and his sister was settled in USA and working there as a pharmacist.

He was mild, gentle, and confident by nature. His childhood period was happy, except that he was emotionally disturbed when his parents had separated for one year. 

His mother was hypothyroid, rest all his family members were healthy. He had not suffered from any other major illness in the past.

Considering all these case details, the case was analyzed by Dr. Rajesh Shah on 18/02/17. Accordingly, he prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicines to the patient. He also advised the patient to avoid eating junk food and very spicy food.

In his first follow-up on 28th March 2017, he had relief of almost 50-60 % in all his complaints and the next medicines were prescribed considering his apprehensive anxiety. His cystitis and fissure-in-ano got better by 40% in the first follow-up itself.

During his next follow-up he was much more better.

On his last follow-up on 24th October 2017, he was almost 90% better in all his complaints of GERD as well as of cystitis and fissure-in-ano.

He is still continuing with the treatment for complete recovery and to prevent its recurrence.


Thus, homeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within.

- Written by Dr. Anuja, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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