32-Years-Old Lady Got Rid Of Bleeding Piles In Just A Few Months

A 32-years-old female, Mrs S P A (PIN  31990) visited Life Force Kemps corner branch on 22nd April 2017.

She was suffering from bleeding piles since 2007 and had acute complaints when she visited us the first. She had pain during and after passing the stools, and used to pass hard stools followed by bleeding. Her complaints used to get aggravated due to faulty diet. She was taking conventional medicines as and when required without any permanent relief. Her acute episode used to start with pain, hard stools, and bleeding and she used to suffer from it once in a month.

She was vegetarian by diet and used to crave for sweets. She had no particular dislike for any food item. She used to feel very thirsty, although she had normal perspiration. She was sensitive to extremes of temperature.

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She is a housewife basically from Lucknow shifted in Mumbai as her husband had transferable job since he was working in RBI. She had a 2-years-old daughter delivered by LSCS.

She was gentle, sober, and anxious by nature and had hurried speech. She used to like to stay alone although she had fear of darkness. 

All her family members were healthy except her mother had piles. She had no other major illness or infection or surgeries in the past.

Considering all these case details, the case was analyzed by Dr. Rajesh Shah on 24/04/17. Accordingly, he prescribed his research based medicines along with constitutional medicines. He also advised her to avoid eating junk food and very spicy food.

On 04/06/17 during her first telephonic follow-up, she mentioned that she had 70-80 % relief with no single episode in a month and mentioned one new complaint which she had forgotten to mention during the case-taking that she had itching in and around anus after passing stools since many years.  

During her second follow-up on 01/08/17 she was feeling even better. Doctor advised her to maintain proper diet and Vitamin D3 supplements as her Vitamin D was towards lower range and rest all reports were normal.

Her third follow-up was on 20/09/17. The patient was feeling overall better relief in all her complaints.

Her last follow-up was on 23/10/17. The patient told that she had no single episode of bleeding or pain while passing stools since she had started the homeopathic treatment from Life Force.

She is still continuing with Life Force for further improvement.


Thus, homeopathy does not treat superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. During the treatment, new complaints may appear which are common phenomena and they can be easily controlled by medicines. Undoubtedly, homeopathy is the medicine of future.

- Written by Dr. Anuja, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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