Long Standing Psoriasis Effectively Treated With Homeopathy At Lifeforce

Forty one years old Mr. AAT (Patient Identification number 15643) visited Life Force in March 2011 for his complaint of psoriasis .

His complaints started in 2009 when he experienced red, raised, shiny eruptions on his both legs, knees, elbows, scalp, forehead, hairline, cheeks, back, chest and abdomen. His nails too were affected with psoriasis. He experienced intense itching, scaling with burning sensation, which aggravated on scratching. Scaling was more on his scalp. His complaints used to get worst in winters, on change of weather and after eating paneer and salty food. 

He used to apply steroidal creams which gave him temporary relief. 

When he visited Life Force he was suffering with extensive psoriasis for almost one year, without any relief with conventional treatment. He also had hair fall associated with psoriasis. 
His sister suffered with eczema and his both parents were healthy. 

He preferred vegetarian food. He had habit of Alcohol and Guthka which he used to consume daily. He was sensitive to extremes of temperature. 

He was a civil engineer by profession and was working with a well known construction company. His wife was a government employee and their daughter was studying.

He was short tempered by nature and used to get angry on his wife if there was lot of pressure at work place. He was stressed due to his job. He was very punctual and up to date regarding his work.

After analyzing the case history thoroughly Dr. Shah prescribed constitutional medicine along with his research based molecules.

After four months of treatment in August 2011 patient reported around fifty percent improvement in his psoriasis. There was significant improvement in redness of eruptions over legs, knees, elbows, forehead, hairline, cheeks, back, chest and abdomen. Even his nails showed remarkable improvement. Patient reported improvement in itching and burning as well. Scaling was remarkably reduced except on scalp. He also reported reduction in his hair fall. After going through the follow up Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines.

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In January 2012 patient came with mild flair up, after almost seventy five percent improvements in old eruptions. This flair up was due to winter season. Patient reported increase in eruptions and scaling over scalp. He also experienced increase in eruptions over both knees. Eruptions on other body parts were better. He reported itching and burning sensation especially on the scalp. After analyzing the flair up in the disease Dr.Shah made necessary changes in the medicines.

After five months in June 2012 patient reported almost seventy five percent improvement in his psoriasis. There was relief in itching and scaling. This time patient reported the only troublesome complaint was regarding his scalp. There was scaling and itching over the scalp due to summer season. After analyzing the follow up Dr.Shah prescribed medicines for next batch.
In March 2014 patient reported overall improvement in his psoriasis both on body parts as well as scalp. He experienced very occasional itching and scaling. He continued the medicines prescribed by Dr.Shah.

In November 2014 patient again reported a mild flair up due to winter season but Dr. Shah’s research based medicines took care of that as well.
In April 2015 patient visited and reported further improvement in his condition. There was minimal redness, itching as scaling on scalp and other body parts. Dr. Shah again analyzed the condition and gave further medicines.

Patient was better almost seventy five to eighty percent in his psoriasis throughout the year with minimal complaints in between.

Patient visited on 7th July 2016 with almost ninety percent improvement in his overall condition. Eruptions on his both legs, knees, elbows, scalp, forehead, hairline, cheeks, back, chest and abdomen were almost gone with only post inflammatory mark on few areas. His affected nails also recovered completely. Now he is free from itching and scaling. Patient is completely satisfied with the treatment and still continuing the treatment for complete recovery.

As psoriasis is a internal disease external applications can give only temporary relief. Homeopathy has potential to stimulate body's natural healing capacity and to restore the disturbed immune system even in long standing autoimmune disease like psoriasis. Homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis has been found to be extremely effective as it stimulates body’s own healing process.  
-Dr. Aparna Hingmire, Life Force Homeopathy

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