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A Singaporean Child Got Phenomenal Relief From Atopic Dermatitis With Homeopathy At Life Force

An 8-years-old boy, Mast A. C (PIN 24132) from Singapore visited Life Force on 5th August 2016 to get treated for his atopic dermatitis. He was suffering from atopic dermatitis since his age of 9 months. He was having extensive hyper-pigmented, rough eczematous lesions almost on all parts of his body, more specifically on his face, hands, legs, abdomen, thighs, feet, neck, and on genitals too.

His skin was very dry and rough, and he was suffering from severe itching. His itching discomfort was so severe that he scratched the parts until they would bleed. The itching was severe at night, after the exposure to sun, and in the hot weather. 

His Serum IgE levels were quite high i.e. 21000 IU in August 2016. And, his allergy screening showed that he is allergic to shellfish and egg white.

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His appetite was good, and there was no specific craving or aversion to food. His water intake was adequate. Thermally, he was sensitive to the hot weather.

There was no major illness in the past, apart from acute bronchitis.

There was a family history of allergy and sinusitis to his father. Apart from this, there was no major illness in the family.

Being of Indian origins, the family was settled in Singapore. His father was working as a banker in Singapore and mother was a housewife. He had one younger brother. 

He was a lean, thin child. Due to the disease, he had become quite sensitive and highly irritable. He used to hit his mother due to severe itching. He used to cry and say to his mother that he doesn't want to live, which shows the intensity of his suffering and emotional sensitivity too.

When he visited Life Force, he was using steroids externally and Anti-histamine syrup. And, in the past, he had been treated by other homeopathic doctors from Singapore without much relief in his condition.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail, and considering the case history, Dr. Shah prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica along with his research-based molecules.

During the first follow-up dated 22nd November 2016, the child's mother reported that his lesions were becoming dry. Oozing from the lesions had reduced. Also, they had tapered the use of steroids. The itching was reduced, and there were no new lesions. Even though the use of steroids was reduced, there was no flare-up of the condition.

The parents were counseled and asked to allow more time, and his medicines were continued further with a few changes in the medicines.

At the end of 8 months of the treatment, his parents happily reported that there was a lot of improvement in his condition. The lesions, itching, and burning sensation had reduced by 60%. They had stopped using the steroids completely for the last 3 months and used Atarax syrup once in a while when the itching increased. As a few new eruptions developed during the course of treatment, the disease pathology was explained to the patient's parents and pacified not to worry as some eruptions may occur even during ongoing medications but the eruptions won’t be as severe as before and will subside.

Dr. Shah made certain changes in his medicines and they were continued further for the best results. In the month of July 2017, he was almost 70% better. His eruptions had dried, and his skin had started to become normal with no recurrence of any new lesions. The itching and burning sensation were reduced to 70%.

There was a consistent improvement seen in the upcoming follow-ups. In the month of December 2017, he was almost 90% better. The eruptions all over his body had reduced by 80%. The roughness and dryness of skin were better by 80%-90%, only the pigmentation was left. There were no new eruptions. All his lesions of atopic dermatitis had regressed. His skin had turned normal to touch. 

The patient was advised to repeat IgE levels in order to compare the improvement in his atopic dermatitis with allergy status. His IgE levels had reduced drastically from 21000 IU (August 2016) to 1780 IU (December 2017). 

His parents visited the clinic from Singapore to meet Dr. Shah personally to express their gratitude as their child was now 90% better. Within 10-12 months of regular homeopathic treatment, his suffering of almost 7 years was relieved a lot and he was feeling much better. His parents are very happy and satisfied with the treatment.


Homeopathy is highly effective in treating atopic dermatitis. It provides you a great relief from the discomfort resulting due to atopic dermatitis safely and effectively.

- Written by Dr. Mithila, Associate doctor to Dr.Rajesh Shah M.D

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