Rapid Recovery Of A Patient Of Muscular Dystrophy With Homeopathy

A 49-years-old patient, Mrs. U.B.R (PIN 31652) visited Life Force’s Chembur branch on 20th March 2017. She was suffering from muscular dystrophy since 8 months. She was experiencing loss of balance while walking, difficulty while getting up, and tiredness easily. She used to do a lot of household chores, but due to her sufferings, she was finding it difficult to manage her work.

She was having a mixed diet and had an average appetite. She had no specific cravings or aversions. Her tongue was thick yellow coated. Thermally, she was very chilly. Her bowels and urination were normal and satisfactory. She was menopausal since 2 years. She was having 3 children with good obstetric history.

She was a homemaker, and her husband was a Health instructor in BMC. She grew up without parents, and her teenage period was very stressful. However, after marriage everything was good. She was satisfied with marriage and children.

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She had a past history of migraine and urticaria. She was having a strong history of muscular dystrophy in her family. Her father, sister, and aunts were suffering from the same condition. Her mother was suffering from pneumonia.

She was quite mild and polite while narrating her complaints. She was quite reserved and shy. She was very much worried about her disease and was constantly thinking about her condition. Mentally, she had become quite irritable due to her sufferings. She was worried about her family and home because of her disease. She was thinking that if she won’t be fine who will look after them.

After studying her case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed her his one of the research-based medicines on 29th March 2017 for six weeks.

After taking medicines for six weeks, she gave her first follow-up on 21st May. At that time, she was better by 50%. Her relief from the problem of losing balance was quite improved. She was able to do her household work. She was feeling little energetic.

After taking medicines for 6 months, on 12th October 2017, she again gave us her feedback, according to which she had experienced further improvement in her condition. She was able to manage her balance, was much active in her work, and feeling stress-free.

She is still on treatment from Life Force to see more wonderful results in her health.


Homeopathy is strongly suggestive in genetic disorders like muscular dystrophy to give symptomatic relief and better life to the patient.

- Written by Dr. Khushbunnisa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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