An Old Lady Gets Relief From Aplastic Anemia With Homeopathic Treatment

A 62-years-old female from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Mrs. S. P. (PIN: 25633), who was a relative of Mrs. S.N Patel, visited Life Force on 9th May 2015 for the treatment of non-severe aplastic anemia

She was suffering from weakness in her lower limbs, frontal headaches, occasional vomiting, episodes of abdominal pain every 2-3 times/week, and nausea. Also, her appetite was very low. She had sleeping problems due to pain in her abdomen for the last 6 months.

Five months ago, she had suffered from giddiness with blurred vision along with red spots (petechiae) on her skin that were on and off. There were small bruises on her thigh area as well. She also had oral ulcers with gums bleeding for 1 week. She suffered from all the above problems for two months.

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On investigating, her hemoglobin was 3.0 gm% as of 5th May 2015 which was extremely low. 

As per Histopathology (Biopsy) of Bone marrow as of 22nd April 2015, Hypoplastic marrow with few interstitial immature cells was found.

The patient was on the following medicines for one month when she visited Life Force:

  1. Cap Danazol 50 mg OD
  2. Cap Cyclosporine 50 mg OD
  3. T. Folic acid 5mg OD
  4. T. Facid 40 mg OD
  5. Syp Cremaffin 10 ml OD

In the past, she had taken T.Wysolone (Prednisolone) 40 mg once for 20 days along with T.Menabol (Stanozolol) 4 mg for 15 days.

The patient was given a blood transfusion once due to low levels of hemoglobin.

Her diet was more or less vegetarian with a low appetite. She used to like spicy stuff more than other foods. The patient was more tolerant of the warm weather as compared to the cold climate. She was quite lean. Her sleep was disturbed, and she was not able to get refreshing sleep.

She was a homemaker. Her family consisted of her husband, who was a school teacher and is now retired, and her son, who owns a shop. The patient was talkative. She was anxious and would get stressed about things easily. Her memory was good, and she could remember things easily.

Dr. Shah studied the whole case in detail and prescribed Arsenic Album 30c along with his research-based homeopathic medicines and asked the patient to give follow-up after 2 months.

In the first year of treatment, the patient was symptomatically quite better in terms of weakness in the lower limbs, pain in the front side of the head, abdominal pain, and poor appetite.

Besides the relief from the symptoms, her hemoglobin also went on increasing gradually with long-term medicines, which she is still continuing with Life Force. 

With the homeopathic medicines, she never had to go for a blood transfusion.

Blood reports showed a gradual increase in her hemoglobin levels as follows.

Hemoglobin levels  (5/5/2015) : 3  (with attached blood reports)
Hemoglobin levels  (3/7/2015): 6
Hemoglobin levels  (11/8/2015): 6.8
Hemoglobin levels  (1/12/2015): 8.2   (with attached blood reports)
Hemoglobin levels  (11/2/2016): 9.1
Hemoglobin levels  (25/1/2017): 9.7  (with attached blood reports)
Hemoglobin levels  (25/5/2017): 9.6


5TH MAY 2015



25th JANUARY 2017


This case study highlights that homeopathic medicines play a good supporting role in treating aplastic anemia. The overall general health of the patient is maintained with homeopathy with no side effects. The need for blood transfusion also decreases with the correct homeopathic medicines. 

(Written by Dr. Bhoomi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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