Patient Experienced Amazing Recovery From Hypothyroidism With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-years-old lady, Mrs. K.D. (PIN 28987) came for the treatment of hypothyroidism on 15th June 2016 at Life Force. Her complaints had started two years back with facial and pedal edema, multiple joint pain, weakness, lethargy feeling, giddiness, and intense hair fall. Her weight was 70 kgs.

Thyroid levels reported on 8.5.2015 were:
T3: 0.76 (Low)
T4: 22.10 (Low)
TSH:> 100 (High)

In spite of taking Thyronorm 125 mcg daily, her thyroid levels were fluctuating. She was not getting any symptomatic relief.

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She was having an average appetite. She had an intense craving for sweets and aversion to salt. Her thirst was average with average perspiration. Thermally, she was hot. Her micturition was normal, but bowel was unsatisfactory. Her sleep was non-refreshing. Her menses were regular and asymptomatic with a good obstetric history.

In the past, she had suffered a lot due to recurrent gastritis. She was having a family history of different diseases, but not of hypothyroidism. Her mother was suffering from recurrent UTI and bronchitis, her father was having sinusitis, and her sister was suffering from lichen planus.

The patient was principal in a government school. She was having two children, one boy and one girl. Her childhood was very happy and well-supported. After marriage also, everything was good and she was well-settled in her life. No major stress was there in her life. She was very confident and expressive intellectually. But, since a few years, she had turned very much irritable due to her sufferings.

After her detail case taking, Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her homeopathic medicines on 17th June 2016.

After starting homoeopathic medicines along with Thyronome 125mcg, she started feeling better in terms of relief from her symptoms. On 14th Dec 2016, she was feeling better by 30% to 40 % symptomatically.

On 15th April 2017, she was further better. Her facial swelling had reduced, swelling on her feet had reduced, her weakness and giddiness was better, and her hair fall was also reduced by 50%. Also, she was getting better sleep than earlier.

Her thyroid profile was repeated which showed a good result.

Thyroid profile on 4.04.2017:
- T3: 87.51 (WNL)
- T4: 7.02 (WNL)
- TSH: 1.62 (WNL)

She again gave her follow-up on 9th August 2017 and she was better symptomatically. Her TSH level was also within a normal limit.

Depending on her recovery, her family doctor tapered her dose of Thyronome 125mcg to 100mcg.

Thyroid profile on 16.08.2017:
- T3: 0.98 (WNL)
- T4: 7.72 (WNL)
- TSH: 1.64 (WNL)

She continued her treatment from Life Force and on 28th December 2017 she reported more than 75% recovery. Her facial swelling was vanished, joints pain was reduced, stool was satisfactory, and weakness was gone. She was feeling more energetic, and she was able to sleep properly. She was very happy with her recovery.


Homeopathy is highly suggestive along with thyroid hormone medicines to achieve good recovery in hypothyroidism cases, where in spite of taking thyroid hormone medicines patients do not respond to experience recovery.

- Written by Dr. Khushbunnisa, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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