A 2-Years-Old Girl Got Her Bronchitis Treated Successfully With Homeopathy

A 2-years-old girl, Ms. V.K. (PIN 29175) came to Life Force Homeopathic clinic on 5th July 2016 with the complaint of bronchitis. She was suffering from this complaint since two months, and she had suffered 2 major episodes in these two months. She was suffering from severe cough along with wheezing and breathlessness. She was also suffering from vomiting and fever occasionally. These complaints used to get aggravated by lying down on stomach, in the morning, by strong smell, and the change in weather. She was taking allopathic treatment on and off since two months, but there was no relief. 

During pregnancy, her mother was suffering from hypertension and diabetes mellitus. She was on insulin and anti-hypertensive medicines. 

Immediately after birth, her breathing had turned very rapid and glucose levels had fallen down so she was shifted to NICU for 2 days. She was fed only with spoon, so no sucking reflex was developed.

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She was a vegetarian, and her appetite was good. She had a craving for salt. Her thirst was average, and she used to have profuse perspiration on the palms and soles. She was intolerant to the hot weather. Her motions were regular, but she had to strain a lot. Her urine was normal. Her sleep was disturbed due to her complaints. 

Her father was running an electric shop, and her mother was a homemaker. 

There was a family history of paternal grandmother suffering from asthma, and paternal grandfather was having diabetes. Her mother and father both were suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Patient used to get cranky with strangers around, but she used to play with other kids. She loved to play alone, but wanted everyone around. 

On 11th August 2016, the patient visited our clinic with no major episodes of bronchitis in the last 1.5 months. Her relief from cough, wheezing, and breathlessness was better. Her sleep was better. Parents of the patient were happy with the treatment.

On 20th September 2016, her relief from the complaints of bronchitis was better by 50%. Her medicines were revised and prescribed by Dr. Shah. 

On 23rd December 2016, she visited the clinic with 80% improvement in her bronchitis. This time, Dr. Shah prescribed her with some research-based molecules. 

On 12th May 2017, she reported with 100% improvement in her relief from bronchitis. Her frequency, duration, and intensity of the episodes had reduced considerably. 

The patient is still continuing the treatment for overall improvement in her general health.


This case highlights that bronchitis can be effectively treated with homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy can treat the disease from its root cause without any side effects. It also rubs out the belief that with homeopathic medicines initially an aggravation will occur which is followed by improvement. 

- Written by Dr. Amrita, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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