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100% Relief Obtained From 20 Years Long-Standing Urticaria With Homeopathy At Life Force

36-years-old Mrs. D.G.S (PIN 32143) from Pune, Maharashtra visited Life Force Homeopathy Clinic on 13th May 2017 for the treatment of urticaria, which she was suffering since the past 20 years. Although she had a remission from 2008-2015, there was a relapse since 1.5 years for which she decided to go ahead with homeopathic treatment.

She used to suffer from the episodes of maculo-papular rashes with itching, redness, & burning twice or thrice a week that used to cause a lot of irritability & discomfort to her. The episodes would last for 4-5 hours and rashes could be seen over the neck & ears. Her complaints would get aggravated in the evening, after the exposure to cold weather, & before the menses. She was allergic to eggs & corn.

The onset of the complaints could not be ascertained, as there was nothing to relate with the origin of her urticaria.

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She had to take anti-histamine tablet on SOS basis whenever she got the attack. In the past, she had taken Ayurvedic medicines for three months but that did not really help her.

She had an average appetite and had a liking for spicy food. Her thirst levels were normal, but she rarely experienced any sweat. She was sensitive to the cold & heat alike & preferred a comfortable temperature only. She had regular menstrual cycles & a normal obstetric history. She was a stout lady. She enjoyed a sound sleep with occasional anxious & fearful dreams.

The patient was an IT engineer by profession. She was stressed out at different stages of life, during childhood due to strict nature of her father that continued throughout her college life too for a better performance. Post-marriage & post-delivery she was always worried about the health of her child & it made her irritable.

In the past, she was suffering from thyroid insufficiency. In childhood, she was affected twice with typhoid & had underwent tonsillectomy too. 

Within her family, there was a history of urticaria as her paternal grandmother had urticaria. Her mother was diabetic & hypertensive and she also suffered from an under-active thyroid. Her father had acidity problems.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient for 6 weeks.

With the first lot of medicines for 6 weeks, the patient got a relief of about 20%-25% by 1st July 2017. And, the frequency of the episodes too was reduced to 1-2 episodes/week. There was a remarkable reduction in the size of wheals by almost 50%. Itching & burning associated with it were relieved by 20-25% & her irritability had decreased by 50%. Anti-histamine drugs were not discontinued till then.

During the second follow-up around 21st Aug 2017, there was a further improvement in her relief from the symptoms of itching & burning.

When the patient visited the clinic on 21st Nov 2017, her urticaria was gone. Hardly any symptom was traceable. Her irritability, itching, burning, & the wheals all had disappeared.

She is so happy with our treatment & is continuing the treatment. She is no more dependent on the anti-histamine medicines. She feels relieved & relaxed in her life now.


Homeopathic medicines provide a great relief even in the long-standing cases of urticaria & the research-based molecules at Life Force by Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. has taken homeopathic treatment several notches higher.

The dependency on anti-allergic medicines is gradually tapered off & can ultimately be stopped. Strengthening of the immunity effectively without any dependency or side-effects throws the light over the upper hand that homeopathy holds amongst the entire medical science.

- Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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