Homeopathy At Life Force Wins The Battle Against Leucoderma By Treating Vitiligo Of A 15-Years-Old Teen

A 15-years-old boy, Master YG (PIN 26785) from Tamil Nadu visited Life Force Chembur clinic in September 2015 for getting his complaints of newly detected white spots (within 5-6 days) along with the complaints of Tinea (fungal infection) treated.

The white spots were observed on his body areas, such as upper back, below the neck, and around the right upper arm. As these spots were recently observed, no medications were done prior for the same.

Complaints of Tinea were found on his right shoulder region and around left scapular region. Along with this, the patient complained of acne on the back and strong body odour.

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He had an average appetite, and his diet was mixed. He had a strong craving for meat. He could tolerate both the weathers equally. His body structure was lean, and he had a fair complexion.

The entire case was taken in detail and studied closely and meticulously. Dr. Shah's research-based vitiligo molecules were given to the patient. A follow-up in every 2 months was done accordingly.

In January 2016, slight pigmentation was noticeable on the affected areas. His condition was in control, as there were no new spots observed on any parts of his body since the start of treatment. The spots had started pigmentating from the center of the existing patches. In the meanwhile, there was a 60% improvement in the Tinea on his right shoulder. The acne on his back had also reduced considerably by 50%.

In July 2016, the patient’s existing white spots had stopped spreading and mild pigmentation continued.

By Sept 2016, about 40% re-pigmentation was noted and the spots had started fading away.

By April 2017, there was a considerable improvement of 70% in the white spots. The photos at the start of treatment were compared and the results were visible.

By June 2017, only the borders of the spots were visible.

By October 2017, the re-pigmentation in the affected areas was better than earlier and the improvement was up to 85% with the medicines. Thus, the condition of the patient showed an excellent response to the Life Force homeopathy research medicines.

The patient is still under our treatment for better re-pigmentation and to avoid any recurrence.


Homeopathy is an excellent mode of treatment for auto-immune conditions like leucoderma where the scope of conventional medicines in limited. In the initial stages of such cases, there is a remarkable improvement with homeopathic medicines. Dr. Shah’s research-based medicines helped the patient to achieve fast recovery from leucoderma.

- Written by Dr Neethu, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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