Outstanding & Quick Recovery From Urticaria Achieved With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 31-years-old man, Mr. R.M. (PIN 32120) from Andheri, Mumbai, Maharashtra visited Life Force Homeopathy Clinic on 11th May 2017 for treating his complaints of urticaria, which were troubling him since 3 years.

He was very impressed with the information provided at Life Force Clinic & was quite optimistic about the positive outcome, so he started with the treatment here.

He used to get episodes of maculo-papular rashes that used to start with tingling sensation over the affected part leading to itching and redness. The episodes would last for approximately 45 min. Rashes could be seen on his skin of scalp, back, both the legs, and both the hands. The rashes would appear on his body when he used to go for swimming, possibly due to the chlorine in the pool water, by coming in the contact with dust, after getting exposed to the hot weather, on sweating, & after eating spicy food.

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Whenever he scratched the affected area, it led to dermatographism, which is an exaggerated wealing tendency when the skin is stroked. He had to resort to T. Montair tablet every 2 days on a regular basis. He was on this medicines since a year with just a temporary relief.

Physical Generals:

He was having an average appetite. He liked eating non-vegetarian food & he had a liking for sour & sweet foods too. His thirst levels were normal. He had a habit of smoking 1/2 cigarettes a day, & he would drink occasionally. He was sensitive to cold. He was having an average built.


He was a businessman by profession. He had a stressful childhood, as his parents used to be out for work and he had a sibling rivalry with his elder brother, who used to beat him up. As he was unable to disclose this to anyone, it led to suppression. There were frequent fights between his parents and brother.

He was low in confidence when he had acne issues.

He was into financial stress always. He had the fear of heights and lizards.

He likes to be at ease. He was very patient, quite ambitious, quite social, and always ready to take responsibilities and risks in life so very adventurous.

Past/Surgical/Family History:

He had suffered from scabies & acne in the past. 


Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient for 6 weeks.

Till Aug 2017, he did not get much relief. At the same time, it was found that his Sr. Vitamin D3 levels were very low. Accordingly, Vitamin D3 supplements were prescribed to him.

By the end of September 2017, he was better by 75% than earlier with regards to the symptoms of urticaria. The frequency, intensity, progress, & duration of urticaria was significantly reduced, even after exposure to the hot weather, sweating, exposure to the dust, & having spicy food.

He did not have to take T. Montair for 45 days at stretch.

By 10th Jan 2018, when he came for the follow-up, he was very happy to mention that he did not get a single episode of urticaria in the past 2 months. He did not take T.Montair even once in the last 3 months.

He is satisfied with the treatment, & to ensure it is totally eradicated from the roots, he is wilfully continuing with the treatment at Life Force.


Homeopathic medicines provide outstanding results in all the cases of urticaria, particularly in the difficult & chronic cases. The research-based molecules at Life Force Homeopathy work unconditionally, fighting the odds, & they effectively overpowered the dietary aggravations.

- Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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