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An 8 years old child got significant relief in her Recurrent Boils In Just 4 Months

An 8-years-old girl residing in Andheri, Mumbai, Miss. N.J. (PIN: 27202) visited Life Force Homeopathy accompanied by her father for the treatment of her complaints of Recurrent Boils & Styes. 
She used to develop recurrent boils over the forearm, around the mouth, over the buttocks, and recurrent styes over her eyelids from the last six months. 

She used to suffer from pain, redness, and profuse, thick yellow pus discharge and these discomforting symptoms made her sad most of the time.

She used to have a good mixed diet. She had an average appetite. Just like other kids, she too had a craving for sweets & chocolates. 

She drank an adequate quantity of water daily. Her perspiration too was normal.

She was lean & short in height corresponding to her age. She had a suppurative tendency of the skin.

Her sleep patterns were normal with a sound sleep.

She was having a very happy childhood with no worries. By nature, she was very confident & expressive. She got along with others quite well.

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Sometimes, she used to get irritated and throw tantrums.

Her father had a similar history of boils in the past.

After studying her case thoroughly, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her research-based homeopathic medicines for six months.

After a month, during her follow-up, it was observed that the boils over the forearms and around the mouth were reduced by more than 50%. 

The boils over her other body areas were still the same.

By the end of four months of the treatment, 90% of her boils were relieved. She and her parents were satisfied with the treatment.

Now, her condition was bearable. The complaints of recurrent boils and styes no longer trouble her.


This case highlights that in chronic recurrent infections like recurrent boils and styes, homeopathy is highly recommended as the recurrence of these complaints can be curtailed, within a short time span ranging from two to four months, effectively and safely without any side-effects.

(Written by Dr. Aditya, Associate Dr to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.)


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