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100% relief in Chronic Allergic Rhinitis At Life Force

A 30-years-old woman, Mrs. S.S. (PIN 31618) visited Life Force on 17th March 2017. She was suffering from Lichen Planus, hypothyroidism, hair fall, leucorrhoea, and allergic rhinitis. She was suffering from allergic rhinitis since childhood. She used to suffer from it once in three months with sneezing, watery discharge from the nose, and throat pain at times. It used to get aggravated by dust, pollution, mustard oil smell, and a strong smell. She used to take Tab. Cetirizine occasionally.

She was having a mixed diet. She was having cravings for milk, chicken, sweets, eggs, and meat. She disliked fruits. She used to feel thirstless. Her stools were hard and unsatisfactory. Her sleep was sound.

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She was a homemaker. She was calm, mild, and cool by nature. 

Her father had a history of hypertension and cervical spondylitis. Her mother also had hypertension. Her paternal grandmother had a history of lichen planus. Her maternal grandmother had a history of diabetes. Her paternal uncle had a history of osteoarthritis and maternal uncle had a history of diabetes.

Dr. Shah reviewed the case in detail and prescribed the remedy after going through the case on 17th March 2017.

When the patient gave a follow-up on 4th May 2017, she did not experience any episode of allergic rhinitis in the duration of 6 weeks.

Later, the patient gave the next follow-up on 7th July 2017. She did not have an episode of allergic rhinitis in the duration of 6 weeks.

The patient had given the next follow-up on 12th September 2017. She had one episode of allergic rhinitis in the span of 4-5 months. The intensity of sneezing, watery discharge from the nose, throat pain, and watering from eyes had decreased.

On 2nd November 2017, the patient came for a follow-up. She had one episode of allergic rhinitis in the last 1.5 months. The reason was the exposure to dust. She had taken allopathic medicines for 1 week.

Later, when the patient visited the clinic for a follow-up on 15th December 2017, she had not suffered an episode of allergic rhinitis in the duration of two months.

The patient had given the last follow-up on 17th April 2018. She didn’t suffer an episode of allergic rhinitis in the duration of 4-5 months.


This case highlights that complete recovery is possible in chronic allergic rhinitis with the help of homeopathy.

(Written by Dr. Swapnil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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