Unresponsive Vocal Cord Nodule Treated Successfully In 4 months At Life Force

Mrs. L.D.R. (PIN 34717) visited Life Force on 11th December 2017 with the complaints of hoarseness and the change of voice. The patient was unable to talk for more than 15 minutes that too with pain in the throat during talking. She was a diagnosed case of bilateral vocal cord nodules. She also had the complaints of frequent cold and cough. Her appetite was disturbed because of the pain, due to which she was unable to eat properly. 

She had the first episode of vocal cord nodule in the year 2011 that was treated with the conventional medication (steroids), but it relapsed in the year 2015. She took steroids again for it. However, during the third episode which she suffered in the year 2017, she got resistant to all the medications. So, she was advised to go for a surgery.

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Besides vocal cord nodule, she was also suffering from GERD (bloating of stomach and acidity) due to improper eating habits.

She was a teacher by profession for 15 years. She was a confident, expressive, talkative, and independent lady, who was dedicated towards her work. She liked to keep herself busy.

She had no family history of vocal cord nodule, but her mother had the complaints of frequent cold, hypertension, and a history of heart attack.

Prescription And Follow-up:

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed research-based medicines.

On the first follow-up on 13th February 2018, there was 60%-70% improvement in her relief from the hoarseness discomfort. She was able to talk for a longer period of time than earlier. Her pain had reduced. She had no complaints of a cough. Her voice quality had improved as well. She had not taken steroids or any other medication in that period. An improvement was also observed in her gastric complaints.

On her second follow-up on 29th March 2018, the patient reported a complete improvement in her condition. She was asymptomatic. She had no complaints of hoarseness or the change in voice. The patient was very satisfied with the treatment as she no more needs to go for a surgery.


This case shows how homeopathy brought about a miraculous improvement in an unresponsive case of Vocal Cord Nodule and the need for surgery could be avoided. Thus, one should never lose hope and opt for and a safe and effective treatment with homeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Nutan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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