Eczema started as red spots with itching on face, hands and legs but later had spread all over her body.

Parents of a 4 year old girl, J. H. S. (Patient ref. no.: 5822) reported to us for the treatment of her Atopic dermatitis which she had since she was a 3 months old baby. Her dermatitis had started as red spots with itching on her face, hands and legs but later had spread all over her body. Her skin biopsy done at that time did not indicate anything specific and she was not found to be allergic to anything in particular. Numerous local steroids, emollients and other ointments were prescribed to her, but the effect of these would last only as long they would be used constantly. Her parents said that moment they would stop these ointments, her skin would break into rashes again and she would scratch so vigorously that her skin would bleed and at times there would also be formation of abscesses on the body. Her skin was very dry in general and she would feel somewhat better after the application of Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the skin.

She would usually wake up twice in the night, crying due to itching of the skin, and would slip back into slumber after application of Vaseline. By and large, the itching would be worse in the evening and at night. The Atopic dermatitis would get worse from orange juice, coke, sprite (sweet drinks), etc. Her parents had noted seasonal variation of the dermatitis and reported that she would be definitely worse in winter (dry, cold weather) and sometimes in summer too.

She was tall and thin with a normal appetite and her diet was vegetarian. She was fond of apples, strawberries, grapes and juices. There was dislike for sweets. She would be comfortable in temperate climate and would not like to be in extremes of weather. She slept for about 10 hours a day and her sleep was sound.

She stayed with her parents and younger brother. She was an active, friendly child and was quite talkative and playful. She would like to learn and do new things. She would share her toys and games with all her friends. Occasionally, she would get angry when she would be denied candy and would start crying. Her mother remarked that she would like to catch the attention of the people around her and would be very active in doing new things.

There was no significant history of any major illness in her past and neither was there any significant family history of any diseases.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Carcinosin for her complaints of Atopic dermatitis. At the end of about 4 months of treatment, her dermatitis was much better than before and her father reported that her face, abdomen, back had cleared up quite well. Her appetite had improved and overall she did very well with the homeopathic treatment. Her medicines were continued for some more time till she completely recovered from Atopic dermatitis.

Remarks: This case speaks of the success of homeopathy in treating chronic and deep seated skin ailments like Atopic dermatitis, with a modern and wise approach, whereby it works wonders and brings about cure in the most safe and gentle manner.

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