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A Significant Relief From Vasculitis Obtained With Homeopathy At Life Force

On a Monday morning, a lady was brought to Life Force Center by her husband and son. She was finding it difficult to walk. One of our doctors assisted them to a cabin, and they were made to sit. We came to know she was a 45-years-old homemaker, who had met with an accident a year ago whereby she fractured her left lower leg. On examining her legs, it was diagnosed that she was suffering from severe and extensive vasculitis. She had undergone a surgery the last year and was bed-ridden for a while. Her leg was cast in plaster for 3 months. About 4-5 months after the recovery, she developed redness and experienced a tremendous pain and tenderness in the calf muscles of her legs. Her skin had turned dark purple and then blackish. Her patches had increased in size slowly leading to severe pain and swelling of the legs. Her entire lower leg was blackish. The blood vessels on her lower legs showed small knots and clots. One could feel such knots in several areas in her lower legs. This indicated that there was clot formation in the blood vessels. She had tried several medicines in the past. Now, she was on Disprin and Trental which proved ineffective. Finally, a surgery for vasculitis was advised to her and it is when she decided to opt for Homeopathy. 

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She was suffering from an underactive thyroid. 

She was a sensitive lady. She was known for being irritable by nature. She had suffered a lot of hardships in her life. 

There was marked craving for sweets, and there was a sheer intolerance to eggs. 

Dr. Shah examined the patient and studied her case in detail. She was prescribed Ferrum Phos 200 C to be taken in repeated doses. 

In 4 weeks of the treatment, her pain was relieved by 30%. The swelling had reduced. The inflammation was lesser than earlier. 

In 8 weeks of the treatment, the patient experienced that the tenderness was better by 50%. She had not experienced such a relief in quite some time. 

In 3-4 months of the treatment, there was a good improvement. 

In 6 months of the treatment, the black discoloration had started reducing. 

In around 8-10 months of the treatment, there was a significant improvement. 


Vasculitis is a difficult condition. There is no definite treatment for this condition in the conventional medicine. Homeopathy has a very good role to relieve the symptoms and cure this condition. One can use auxiliary modes of relief, such as foot elevation, dressings with a solution of Mag-Sulph and glycerine (in case there is no ulceration in the skin). One can expect a very good relief in 6-8 months from this condition, irrespective of the severity. Mild cases respond in 4-6 months.


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