8 Years Persistent Warts Disappeared Completely With Homeopathy In 8 Months

A young boy, Mast. R.S. (PIN 13060) was brought to Life Force Center by his parents for the treatment of warts. He was suffering from the recurrent complaints of warts from the last eight years. When he visited us, there were warts on the left index fingertip, a cluster of warts on right leg, and on his nose. He had similar warts on the chest and the right knee joint as well. He was extremely uncomfortable with these warts and would feel ugly in front of his friends. Two years ago, he had surgically removed warts, but they kept on recurring. He reported suffering from a headache from the last four months. The headaches would occur almost every day, and the pain was severe with a little relief from analgesics. 

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His appetite was average with a marked craving for salt. He added that he used to experience an excessive perspiration on his palms and soles. He preferred the cold weather as compared to the heat. 

He was the only son of a reputed businessman, and his mother was a lawyer. His parents remarked that he was always a stubborn child with a lot of aggression. He would have frequent conflicts with his teachers in the college, and he would be quite irregular due to this and had missed his examinations for a year. He felt awkward amongst his friends due to this and had a low confidence. There was an anger with revengefulness present in his behavior. He was disinterested in his studies. He was under counseling and had restarted with his first year in engineering college. This incident was a very sensitive issue for him, and he would not prefer to talk about it. His sister had a history of warts and acne as well. 

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah, and the research-based medicines for warts were prescribed to him. 

The patient reported after eight weeks of the treatment with a reduction in the size of warts on the right leg. Warts on his index finger were as it is. He was experiencing a discomfort due to the wart on his finger, and it was increasing in size. His headache was better by 25%. Dr. Shah made certain changes in the medicine and prescribed him the further course of medication. 

He reported after eight months. Warts on his left finger, nose, and the right leg had completely disappeared. He was extremely happy and so were his parents. His mother added that she noticed a change in his behavior. He was less irritable and more tolerant. 


This case illustrates the sheer excellence of homeopathy in the removal of warts without any surgical intervention.

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