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Forty six years old finds relief in Psoriasis with homeopathy

Forty six years old patient named Mr. A.S (Patient Identification Number: 26798) visited Chembur clinic on 17th September 2015 with complaint of Psoriasis.

Patient had complains of psoriasis since 5 years. He had patches on both hands but right hand had more than left. Nails were not involved. He was getting sever itching and scaling on skin. Occasionally he had bleeding from affected parts after scratching it. He had taken allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment but nothing gave her relief. 

He had an average appetite. He loved spicy food. He used to take alcohol occasionally. He had average perspiration on body. His urine and stool were asymptomatic. His sleep was disturbed.
He had studied B.Tech electronics and was working as contractor in Railways. His wife was teacher by profession. He had two kids, one son and one daughter, who were studying in school.

He was very happy and contended in life. He was confident and expressive by nature. He would prefer company of friends more than family. He was also short tempered by nature and used to get angry very easily. He had fear of lift and close places.

His father was having complaint of diabetes. There were no other major illnesses in family.
With all these case details, her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed some research base medicines.

On 3rd November 2015, patient reported that he was around ten percent better. His complaints were getting better. Scaling of skin was very much better. Itching was same as it was. There were no new patches of psoriasis erupted. Patient was very happy with the treatment as he started getting better.

On 16th December 2015, patient reported that her disease was almost fifty percent better. Patches were very much better. His complaint of itching and scaling was almost fifty to sixty percent better. Dryness was also reduced. There were no new spots or no spread in the disease. He developed new complaint of hair thinning. His gastric complaints were also better about which he never mention to us. Overall he was very much improved. On basis of all this feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed him further medicines.

On 12th February 2016, patient informed that he was the same. There was not much improvement since last time. His patches were same. Itching and scaling was very much improved. Itching and scaling was almost gone now. Dryness of skin was better. He was feeling better internally also. There were no new spot formations since he started with our treatment. He was very happy with the treatment as he had taken many treatments in past years but nothing game him this much relief.

On 14th April 2016, patient reported that he was better all this days but since last 1 month his complaints have little increased. He had seen that there is spread in his old spots since last 1 month. On further evaluation it was found that due to seasonal change he got aggravation. Itching and scaling was also increased. On basis of all this follow-up Dr.Shah prescribed further medicines along with his research based molecules.

On 6th July 2016, patient visited clinic and reported that he was almost ninety percent better. All his spots were very much faded. Patches of psoriasis were hardly visible now. His hand was completely clean. Itching and scaling was totally gone. There was no appearance of new spots. His complaints were almost nil. He was extremely happy and satisfied with our treatment.

He was very thankful to Dr. Shah and the life force team who has helped him and made him so much better. He is still under our treatment to get completely cured. 

(Case study done by Dr .K.R.B)



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