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A 12-Years-Old Girl Recovered Fully From Migraine With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 12-years-old girl, Ms. H.J. (PIN 31767) consulted at Life Force on 2nd April 2017 with a complaint of a Migraine. The patient was suffering from this complaint for two years. She was suffering from the pain in the temporal area. She was experiencing the heaviness in her head. She had the feeling of needles pricking sensation in the head. Her headache was very severe, and due to it, she was hospitalized in the past. She had a history of breathlessness and weakness. 
Sometimes, she felt pain around the nose. The patient was taking allopathic medicine. Her complaint was getting aggravated by noise, light, Chinese food, ice-cream, and sunlight.

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Her appetite had diminished. She liked sweets, fish, noodles, and crab a lot, and she didn’t like spicy food. Her sweating was normal. Her motion & urine were normal. Her thirst was less. Her sleep was sound. Her menses had not started yet.

She had appendicitis in her past, so Appendicectomy was done. In her family, her father was suffering from allergic rhinitis, and her mother was suffering from a migraine, IBS, and cervical and lumbar spondylitis. Her sister had allergic rhinitis. Her grandmother from the paternal side was suffering from hypertension, hypothyroidism, allergic rhinitis, and diabetes. Her grandmother from the maternal side was suffering from allergic rhinitis.

She was a student. Her father was working in a Cadbury's firm, and her mother was a homemaker. She has one 13 years old sister.

The patient was shy. She used to get agitated when conditions were against her will. She was nervous by nature.

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed the medicine by Dr. Shah on the basis of her symptoms. 

At her first follow-up on 12th June 2017, she reported a very good improvement in her condition. She had experienced more than 50% improvement. Her pain around the nose had also reduced by more than 25%. She had developed pain in her legs from the last one month, so she was advised to do the tests for vitamins.

A few months later on 19th August 2017, she reported a good improvement in her condition. The frequency and intensity of her headache had reduced a lot. Her pain around the nose and weakness both had reduced with the medicines. She had stopped her allopathic medicine for the last 3 months.

In the month of September, she reported 90% recovery from her migraine pain. The patient was very happy with the treatment. She had not suffered an episode of a headache from the last 2-3 months. The patient experienced a drastic improvement in her condition by more than 90%. The patient’s generals and mental aspects both were showing a improvement. 

On 21st March 2018, she reported 100% improvement. She was not taking any allopathic medicine for the last one year. She had not suffered any episode of a headache from the last 7-8 months.

She was totally recovered so she stopped the homeopathic medicines from for last 3 months. Still, she was perfectly all right.


Early diagnosis, a clear disease picture, & the right selection of homeopathic medicine are the keys to obtain a complete recovery with homeopathy, and this is proved in this case.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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