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Case Of Autism Treated Successfully With Homoeopathy

A 4-years-old child (PIN 25692) visited Life Force on 14th May 2015 with features of Autism. He was accompanied by his parents who were very anxious about his condition. Parents had noticed the symptoms since the age of 2 years, such as to the delayed speech development, & they were getting worse gradually.

The condition of the child was diagnosed by a psychologist and neurologist as Mild Autism with Speech Regression.

He was very restless & was not making proper eye contact during the case taking with the associate doctors.

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The child used to prefer being alone, but occasionally if he sees 4-5 kids then he is interested in them and approaches them. The patient does not know how to interact with them, and he gets separated from other kids because he pulls hair, pushes other kids, and does other such activities. The child doesn’t participate in activities in school. The kid does same activities at home. Teacher says that he is in his own world, doesn’t sit in one place, fidgets with the bottle, and not interested in coloring. When spoken to him, his 70% responds are by his actions or expressions. (He understands, but he may not obey always). Occasionally, he stares into space (looks sideways).

Until 2 years of age, he spoke monosyllabic words, such as Mama, Dada, only. He has not progressed beyond that. Nowadays, he does not even say Mama and Dada as frequently. The child does not repeat words. Mostly, the kid does not respond to questions either by words or by actions. Sometimes, he understands simple questions, directions, and sometimes does not.

He makes eye contact with family members. With strangers, he may or may not make eye contact. He understands mother’s facial expressions, tone, anger, and other expressions. The child is sensitive to loud sounds, such as he has a fear of Diwali firecrackers. He is curious about pressure cooker sounds, and not scared of it. He doesn’t point to objects, but he communicates his needs by dragging mother to the room where the object is.

He adapts fairly well to the change in routine. He is occasionally moody. He does hand-flapping when excited. He has fine motor skills, such as holding a pencil, scribbling, but he cannot color within lines. He doesn’t inform for urine/stool.

Parents had consulted their pediatrician in the past for his complaints and took the conventional treatment for a year without any remarkable relief. 

He was a vegetarian with an average appetite. He had a craving for fruits & chocolates. He had a strong aversion to milk. He used to sweat averagely, and he was very sensitive to cold. He slept well, and he prefers to sleep on back. He passed motions regularly and had no problems in urination.

On inquiring with mother about his birth history, she mentioned that he was delivered through an elective cesarean section and had passed Meconium during birth. His birth weight was 3 kgs. His milestones were normal except speech & teething. All the vaccinations were given to the patient without any adverse effects. 

He stays with parents and elder sister in Ahmedabad from the last 1 year. He is originally from Mumbai. His father was in Dept. of Marketing and Sales in Pharma exports, while his mother was working from home as HR. His sister was 13-years-old. 

In his family, his father suffered from D.M & Hypertension. His paternal grandfather suffered from D.M, paternal grandmother suffered from D.M & Hypertension, and maternal grandfather suffered from D.M.

He loves traveling, and he is very happy while traveling. He is stubborn by nature. He expresses his anger by loud howling, temper tantrums, and restless. He loves to hug and kiss.

Dr. Shah evaluated his case in detail. He found that the child was very restless during the entire case history. He prescribed Baryta Carb 30 along with one of the research-based medicines for six weeks. Dr. Shah counseled the parents in detail regarding how to handle a child having Autism.

Within six months of the treatment, parents could notice a difference in his restlessness. His anger and obstinacy had reduced remarkably.

After a year’s treatment, when the child visited on 26th December 2016, the attending doctor could see much improvement in him. His concentration had improved, and he could now sit for 2 hours (which was earlier not more than 5-10 minutes). His speech had improved as well. His eye-contact had improved, and the child looked more settled. Dr. Shah upgraded the medicines based on the follow-up. The patient is still continuing the treatment with Life Force Homoeopathy.


Homeopathy can treat disease like Autism achieving a great success with the help of occupational therapy, speech therapy, & behavioral therapy. These therapies work as a supportive line of treatment to Homoeopathy.

- Written by Dr. Dhanashree, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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