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Cholinergic Urticaria Of 7-8 Years & Asthma Treated Successfully At Life Force

A 28-years-old male named Mr. A.S.M. (PIN 22583) having complaints of Cholinergic Urticaria along with asthma since the last 7-8 years visited Life Force Homeopathy on 8th Apr. 2014. He complained of swelling of the body, face, and eyes, itching, and redness with hives that used to last for 3-4 hours to 24 hours. 

He had suffered the same type of complaints since last 7-8 years that used to appear once in a year on an average. But, now since the last 6 months, he was suffering from a mild itching on and off on his upper arm. So, his skin had turned rough in general, and the intensity was more this time. His complaints used to get aggravated by exposure to the cold water and after physical exertion and exercises. After eating seafood, the itching used to trigger whereas in the summers he used to feel better. 

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He was following a mixed type of diet and his appetite was good. His thirst was normal, and he had no particular desire for any specific type of food. He had normal perspiration. His bowels were unsatisfied, whereas urinary complaints were normal. The patient was uncomfortable in the cold environment. He enjoyed a very sound sleep without any particular dreams. 

The patient was a B.E. graduate, and he was working for Tata Motors in Pune. He was also doing M.E. simultaneously. His nature was helpful, but he was very obstinate with good will-power and determination. He had good relations with his family. The patient had experienced anticipatory anxiety many times before he had to go for any performance. 

In the past, he never suffered from any major disease except once he had renal calculus. In his family, his father had asthma, and his mother was suffering from allergic rhinitis. 

By considering the whole case history, Dr. Shah had prescribed him Lycopodium 30 2 doses and URTICARIA MOLECULES for 6 weeks. 

On 14 June 2014, he visited for a follow-up. His relief from urticaria was overall better by 60-70%, and he had only 2 episodes in last 2 months lasting just for a few minutes. This was a very good sign of improvement. So, he was told to continue with the same research-based molecules for 2 months.  

After 2 months, he said that he was feeling much better, as from the last two months there was no any sign of urticaria. And, he suffered no such problem while breathing too. He did not suffer from a cough and wheezing anymore. So, the same molecules were prescribed by Dr. Shah for 2 months.

On 28 October 2014, he visited the clinic and mentioned that he was very happy with the treatment. He didn’t complain about any episode in the last 4 months. 
His urticaria was better by almost 90%. The patient did not experience redness, dryness, and itching anymore.

His anxiety had also decreased. He used to feel confident now. His dyspnea was also better, and his cough frequency too had decreased. So, he continued with the same medicines. 


The homeopathic approach entails the use of natural resources to boost the immunity while treating the genetically mediated susceptibility to urticaria and works towards healing chronic urticaria from the root level. Thus, homeopathy is quite effective in treating chronic urticaria to a great extent.

- Written by Dr. Pradeep, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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