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Even after operation my sinus relapsed and then I decided to take Dr. Shah’s medicines and found excellent results.

45 years old businessman, Mr. C. S. visited Life Force on 15th May 2009. His patient identification number is 12183. He was suffering from Sinusitis since 6 years. He had been operated for Maxillary Sinusitis 5 years ago. Since 1.5 years it had relapsed again. He was having sneezing followed by nose block. He would also get both sides temporal pain. His maxillary sinus would also pain. These complaints would increase by change of weather, cold weather and dust. He was using a nasal spray since a week and taking levocetrizine since a month. He would take these medicines in the past as well as and when required.

He was suffering from underactive thyroid since 15 years and was taking conventional medicines.

He had a severe episode of vomiting a year back and was detected with right ear moderate to severe conductive hearing loss.

He had constipation since childhood and was operated for piles twice at the age of 10 years and 28 years respectively.

His appetite was good and craved sweets. Warm weather was intolerable to him. His sleep was sound and there were no other complaints.

He had a wholesale business of sugar and jaggery. His wife was a home maker. He had a son who was studying in 12th grade.

He was short tempered and impatient. He was dominant and stubborn by nature. There would be minor stress related to work and business.

He had suffered from malaria 7 years back and chicken guinea 3 years back.

His father had asthma, diabetes and heart disease. His mother and 2 brothers had underactive thyroid.

His case was studied in detail and prescribed few research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 15th July and reported considerable improvement in Sinusitis. There was mild improvement in Tinnitus as well. He did not need to take the nasal spray or levocetrizine.

He reported on 17th September with 95% overall improvement in Sinusitis and Tinnitus. He was very happy with the treatment.

He reported on 19th November with mild increase in Sinusitis since 2 – 3 days due to cloudy weather. He had to use inhaler 2 times in last 7 days as the nose block would be severe. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

He visited the clinic on 24th March to start his son’s acne treatment. He had been well in last 4 months. He did not have relapse of his condition.

He keeps on referring patients to Dr. Shah and he had a successful and excellent recovery for his complaints.

Uploaded on 18th October 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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