100% Recovery From Trigeminal Neuralgia Achieved With Life Force Treatment

A 58-years-old patient, Mr. N.B. (PIN 25410) from Andhra Pradesh contacted Life Force online on 14th April 2016 for his complaint of trigeminal neuralgia. From the last 4 months, he was suffering from this pain. He was experiencing electric current-like pain on the left lower side of his tongue and left lower jaw. Sometimes, he used to experience burning sensation in his face. The pain was so intense and frequent that the patient was unable to do his daily routine work. His pain used to get aggravated while washing the face, brushing, chewing, and touching the face during any jaw movement.

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Besides trigeminal neuralgia, he was suffering from hypertension for a few years. It was under control on the conventional treatment.

His appetite was reduced. He had a craving for fish and sweets. His bowels were clear, and he had no difficulty while passing the urine. His sleep was refreshing. But, he had fearful dreams.

He was retired, and he had two sons and family. 

There was no major illness in his family.

He was not suffering from any major illness in the past 

He was short-tempered and used to express his anger in a violent manner. He was very insured. He felt frustration.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed him his T.N. molecules for two months.

On 4th July 2016, when he gave his feedback over the phone, there was no major change in his health. So, again the medicines were prescribed to him as per his feedback.

He reported on 25th Feb 2017 over the phone that his complaints were mildly triggered in between, but they were settled. He mentioned that he was better by 50%. 

He again gave feedback over the phone on 29th September 2017. There was a marked reduction in his pain. There was a 90% improvement in his condition. 

He reported over the phone on 18th May 2018. There was a 100% improvement in his condition. His pain was reduced, and he could talk, eat, and brush comfortably.


This case highlights that homeopathy can treat trigeminal neuralgia very effectively and provides you a great relief from its discomfort.

- Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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