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Thirty seven years old female, Mrs. T.S (Patient Identification Number: 20559), visited Life Force Homeopathy on 25th January 2013 for the treatment of underactive Thyroid since three years. She had swelling on her whole body with swelling on her face especially in the morning. She was taking Eltroxin 100 mcg once a day since three years. Her thyroid levels fluctuated very often. 

She also had complaint of joint pain since five years. There was pain, swelling and stiffness in her joints specially in the morning which stayed for two hours. She was not taking any medicine for it.
Her appetite was average with no specific desires and her thirst was average. She had excessive perspiration and heat was more tolerable to her than cold. Her bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal.

She was a housewife and her husband was working in some private company. She had two kids who were studying in school. She was very gentle, kind and affectionate lady. She did not have any major past history or family history of illnesses. 

Dr. Shah studied her case and prescribed her medicines for six weeks initially.

After six weeks, on 7th March 2013, patient reported that everything was the same. Pain and swelling in her joints did not show any improvement. She also got her thyroid level tested which was almost normal. She had developed new complaint of acne and hair fall. All this got her very anxious since there was no change in her condition even after starting the treatment. Based on her feedback, Dr. Shah changed her prescription and prescribed his research based medicines for two months. 

On 9th May 2013, after two months patient reported that she was still the same. There was no improvement in her pain and swelling. Her complaint of acne and hair fall was also same; however, her thyroid levels were normal. To this Dr. Shah reduced her allopathic dose of thyroid supplement and along with that gave her stronger homeopathy medicines.
On 8th July 2013, she reported that there was thirty percent improvement in her condition. Pain and swelling in her joints was better but acne and hair fall problem was still the same. Some dietary changes were advised by Dr. Shah and with that he prescribed her further medicines.

On 11th September 2013, she informed that the pain and swelling showed same thirty percent improvement; however, her acne problem and hair fall was fifty percent better. Because of low thyroid levels, initially she had swelling on her face but now the swelling was completely gone. She mentioned that there was an injury few months ago and she had started developing pain in her heels also. Based on her feedback, Dr. Shah prescribed her further medicines.

On 9th January 2014, patient reported that she was fifty percent better. Her thyroid level was normal and swelling in joints had gone down. Her joint pains were sixty percent better. She was happy with the improvement she was now achieving.  

On 7th May 2014, she reported that she was further better. Pain and swelling was much better and her thyroid level was in normal range. Acne and hair fall complaints were almost gone. The heel pain which she had developed after injury was also not there. She was very happy with the treatment.

On 17th November 2014, she informed that there was no further improvement. Her condition was same as it was during her last feedback. However, she had no new complaints. On the basis of her feedback Dr. Shah prescribed her some strong medicines with his research based molecules.

On 31st March 2015, she informed that there was remarkable improvement in her condition. Her pain and swelling was almost gone, she just used to get occasional joint pains with mild intensity. She was feeling much better with the treatment. Her hair fall had increased a little as compared to the last time. All her other complaints were better.

On 10th August 2015, she informed that there was no intense pain and swelling in the joints now. Hair fall and acne problem was also better and her thyroid was at normal level. She was very happy with the treatment.

On 22nd December 2015, she reported that she was sixty percent better. All her complaints like pain and swelling were much better. She was able to walk and sit properly. There were no major complaints that she had now and was satisfied with the treatment.

On 8th February 2016, she informed that her pain was seventy percent better and her pain tolerance capacity had also increased. There was no swelling present in her joints. Her thyroid level was also normal and she was now taking Eltroxin 50 mcg once a day daily. Acne and hair fall problem was not there at all.

On 26th May 2016, she reported that her pain was eighty percent better and swelling in her joints had completely gone. Her thyroid levels were under control and there was no hair fall and acne. She was very happy with the treatment

She was thankful to Dr. Shah and Life Force team for making her condition so much better. She is still under our treatment for complete recovery.

This case highlights the effectiveness of regular and consistent homeopathy treatment to correct the problems like joint pains and bring long term remission and relief to the patient.
 - K.R.B

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