A 3.5-Years-Old Boy Recovered Incredibly From Nephrotic Syndrome With Homeopathy

A 3.5-years-old cute little boy, Master. S. S. (PIN 31177) sent online a questionnaire on 4th February 2017. He was suffering from complaints of nephrotic syndrome. He had the first episode of this health condition in November 2015, the second in June 2016, the third in August 2016, and the fourth in January 2017. 

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His episode used to start with swelling near his eyes, feet, and in the belly area and with the complaints of cold. All these episodes were managed by the oral steroid courses. He was a very happy and active child. He was a twin brother and had a twin sister. From birth, they couldn’t get their mother's milk due to its insufficiency and it had stopped slowly in a month. He was completely on a formulae food.

He had an increased appetite. He had a lot of sweating all over his body. His sleep was disturbed and dreamy. He used to wake up more often during the course of medicines and used to experience mood fluctuations.

His nature was anxious. He had mood swings quite frequently. But, he was jolly by nature. He used to cry continuously unless his demand was fulfilled. These concerns were more intense as compared to his twin sister.

He was studying in a nursery. 

His grandmother was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. His grandfather was suffering from hypertension.

His case details were studied by Dr. Shah, and he was prescribed research-based medicines for nephrotic syndrome.

He reported after two months on 21st March 2017 with no complaints.  

Later, he visited us for a follow-up on 7th June 2017. He had no recurrence of the symptoms in spite of stopping the steroids for 2 months.

Then, he reported on 6th August 2017, no episode was experienced by him since the start of the homeopathic treatment.

His father sent feedback on 22nd September 2017 that the patient got complaints of acute cold and cough with urine protein +++ since yesterday (i.e. 21st September 2017) and no Nephrotic Syndrome symptoms were present. He took steroids for 5 days and then stopped. 

He did come for the next follow-up on 29th November 2017. No relapse of Nephrotic syndrome was observed. He was off the steroid for the last 2 months.

The parents of the patient reported on 29th January 2018 that no relapse of Nephrotic syndrome was observed. He was off the steroid for the last 4 months. He got 3 to 4 times cold in the last couple of months.

Later, the parents of the patient reported on 27th March 2018 that no relapse of Nephrotic syndrome was observed. He was off the steroid for the last 6 months. 

The latest follow-up of the patient was given on 27th July 2018. The parents of the patient reported that no relapse had occurred since the start of this treatment. His urine protein levels were negative.


This case highlights the fact that a well-chosen remedy and regular follow-ups can promote a remarkable recovery from nephrotic syndrome. In this case, the parents continued to take long-term treatment for their child, even in the absence of relapses, which helped the patient to obtain great results and great relief.

- Written by Dr. Swapnil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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