An Australian Child Finds Complete Relief In Nephrotic Syndrome With Homeopathy

A 10-year-old boy from Australia, Mast. P.P. (PIN: 23896) suddenly started experiencing swelling of the legs on the 1st of April 2016. His swelling gradually increased and was also occurred in the scrotum and penis along with the puffiness of the face and eyes and bloating of the stomach. He didn't have any urinary complaints; the frequency of his urine was normal and he experienced no pain while passing the urine. His first early morning urine was quite darker, and, later, it was normal pale yellow. He was also experiencing fatigue and tiredness. No history of frequent infections was found. His abdomen was distended, but he didn't find any difficulty in breathing. The chest X-ray was done, to rule out pulmonary edema, which turned out to be normal. He was diagnosed with a case of Nephrotic syndrome on 2nd April 2016 and, on 5th April 2016, he was enrolled for online treatment under Dr. Shah. He was on Panafcortelone (Prednisolone-steroid)-40 mg/day, Penicillin 500 mg/day, and Losec (omeprazole) 200 mg/day.

His appetite had increased as he was on a steroid for his Acute Nephrotic syndrome episode.

As far as hi physical generals were concerned, he liked eating cheese, yogurt, red/white meat, fish, and eggs. He was more tolerant of the heat.

In the past, at the age of 2 years, he had suffered from Febrile seizures. In his family, his paternal grandfather suffered from hyperthyroidism, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. His maternal grandfather suffered from liver cancer and asthma.

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Kali-carbonicum-30 4 pills 3 times per day for 4 months to the patient.

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At follow-up on 1st August 2016, the patient’s parents informed that Mast. P.P. had experienced the first relapse due to an acute cold episodes but the protein levels were not out of control as earlier. Before starting the Homeopathic treatment, his protein was out of control, but, with cortisone (steroid) it was brought down in a week. He was on a high dose of cortisone in April 2016, and, later, the steroid was gradually tapered off. Then, his reports showed traces of protein in the urine. When his steroid was stopped completely on 10th June 2016, protein level was still normal, fluctuating between negative and traces. On 7th July 2016, he developed cold and protein fluctuated between 100(++) to 300(++). His relief in cold got better but his protein levels were not coming back to normal and fluctuating between 30(+) to 100 (++). Dr. Shah prescribed the same medicines with an increased dose to the patient.

On 26th August 2016, the patient's mother informed that his urine protein was constantly 2+, and he was advised to continue with the same medicines.

On 6th September 2016, again the parents called up from Australia and informed that his urine protein was 3+ and he had an acute cold and cough episode. It was advised to give a short course of antibiotics to tackle his acute cold infection and to continue with Homeopathic medicines.


At the follow-up dated 11th November 2016, the patient’s condition was almost as it is. His protein levels were fluctuating between 3+ to 2+. He was persistently showing proteinuria. Dr. Shah prescribed Eel serum 30 4 pills 3 times per day for the next months.

From November 2016 to January 2017, he had a major relapse for which his parents had to give him steroids. But, because of steroids, the child was finding it difficult to sleep, suffering from pain in their legs, and increased irritability so much so that he used to say he wants to kill himself, and, once the dose of steroids was reduced, the thoughts used to dissipate. The patient’s parents informed them that he used to put himself down, had low self-esteem, called himself an idiot, and he was worried about his health. Dr. Shah prescribed Syphilinum along with previous medicines to the patient.

With the next 8 months of following medicines, he was having relapse on & off, and there was a need to give the steroids along with Homeopathic medicines to the patient.

On 12th January 2018, the patient’s parents informed that after following the homeopathic medicines, which were sent in October 2017, there was no single episode of relapse. His protein was reduced without taking a steroid.

On 1st May 2018, the patient’s parents informed that he was better by 50%, from November 2017 to March 2018. His protein level remained negative; however, it had increased in April. However, the patient was not having any associated symptoms so no steroid was given to him. According to their parents, the rise in protein level was probably due to his fear of participating in a school concert. Dr. Shah prescribed Silica-200 4 pills 3 times/day for the next 4 months.

With a further 8 months of homeopathic treatment, he seemed to be less dependent on steroids for his relapse.

On 17th March 2019, the patient’s parents informed that the child was better by 90%. His protein levels fluctuated after stopping the steroid in November 2017 and quickly returned to negative. In 2018, fluctuations had started at the beginning of April and stopped at the end of December. The fluctuations were between 15 to 1000 on the dipstick and never reached negative. High (300-1000) for a few days only. He was not on steroids during fluctuations, and his frequency of episodes of Nephrotic syndrome was reduced a lot and was less intense. With the Homeopathic medicines, which were sent in December 2018, his urine protein has been negative to traces (occasionally). Since the beginning of February 2019, his urine protein was constantly negative.

On 6th July 2019, the patient’s parents informed them that there is a 100% improvement in his recovery from the condition. He did not suffer a major Nephrotic syndrome episode since November 2018. His general health had also improved significantly, and he did not experience a cold episode since January 2019. Over time, the attacks became less aggressive and less frequent and finally stopped completely. The last dose of steroids was given in November 2017 to the patient.


Nephrotic syndrome is a difficult autoimmune condition, and a combined approach of Homeopathic and conventional lines of treatment helped to recover the child completely from Nephrotic syndrome. In the initial few months, there was a need to give the steroids, however, after a long-term Homeopathic treatment the need to give the steroids was reduced and ultimately the child was only on Homeopathic medicines.

  • Written by Dr. Mithila Kargar, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. (Hom.)
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