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A Remarkable Recovery From Mental Retardation Achieved With Homeopathy

A 13-years-old body, Mr. A.S. (PIN 27749) visited Life Force Borivali branch on 19th Jan 2016 for treating his complaint of slow learning.

He was a slow learner since childhood. He used to take a lot of time to understand, and he had a poor memory. He had to repeat the things multiple times. His concentration levels were low. He was obstinate and irritable.

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The patient had not taken any treatment.

Physical Generals:
The physical structure of the patient was average. He was a non-vegetarian, and his appetite was average. He had a strong desire for spicy and chicken. He had no particular aversions. He used to consume less than 1.5 liters of water a day. His sleep was sound with the habit of talking during the sleep. His urine and stool were normal. He had a habit of nail-biting.

He was a student in 6th standard, and he had one sister in 2nd standard. His father was in service, and his mother was a homemaker.

In his past medical history, there were no major sufferings.

According to his family medical history, his father was suffering from hypertension and acidity, his mother was having lichen planus, & his paternal grandparents had diabetes mellitus.

The current weight of the patient was 48.6kgs.

Birth History:
He was born by a cesarean section delivery, and he was premature by a week. His birth weight was 4 kgs, and his milestones were delayed. His mother was suffering from chickenpox during the pregnancy.

He was very irritable. He desired name and fame. He wanted to become famous. He aimed to become a footballer so that everyone would know him. He was very active in sports. There was a blank expression on his face.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail, and prescribed him Calc Phos 30c and also some research-based medicines for every six weeks.

Initially, there was no major improvement in his condition, but, after 6 months of the treatment, there was a 40% improvement observed.

After 10 months of the treatment, in March 2017, his recovery from the complaints was 60% better than earlier. 

Eight months after the last follow-up, the patient sent his progress report in Nov 2017 saying that his recovery from the complaints got 80% better.


This case illustrates that homeopathy works wonders in treating the cases of mental retardation and slow learning. It is not habit-forming treatment and gives the best result without any dependency on any drug.

- Written by Dr. Renuka, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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