100% Improvement And Recovery From Piles In Just 8 Months At Life Force Homeopathy

A 68-years-old male patient, Mr. S.V.B. (PIN: 40174) visited Life Force on 16th May 2019 for his complaints of Piles.

He was diagnosed with Grade 3 External Piles (one in number on the left side of Anus). The patient had been complaining of intense stinging pain in the anal region, burning sensation after defecation, and difficulty in sitting resulting in the pain. The patient was suffering from constipation, sometimes with hard stool, and severe pain after defecation which would last for 10 to 15 minutes. He had to take painkillers. The patient was also complaining of flatulence, bleeding, and burning sensation when passing hard stool. He used to pass dry stool, and his complaints used to get aggravated while passing stools. He was also experiencing a characteristic symptom of nausea after eating Beetle leaves (Pan) and Fennel seeds (Saunf). Also, he had a history of acidity. The patient had a strong family history of piles.

The patient was following a sedentary life and had a continuous traveling job. And, due to traveling, he had the habit of drinking less water. The patient had been operated for piles in 2012. His piles were surgically removed, after that his complaints were on remission for 7 years, but the relapse occurred from the last 4 months and the condition was severe and progressive.

The cause of his suffering was his frequent traveling job and outside foods. His complaints used to get aggravated after eating spicy foods. The patient had to take painkillers as and when required. 

The patient was on a regular bland diet (but mostly has to eat outside food due to traveling). The patient was a non-vegetarian. He liked eating sweets in general.

His appetite was good, but his thirst decreased. He was sensitive to extreme cold, and his sleep was sound. The patient was very mild and gentle, soft-spoken, very calm, patient, and reserved by nature. He had suppressed sadness.

Dr. Rajesh Shah, after going through his case in detail, prescribed him medicines which included his research-based molecules and Diet and Exercises for relief in piles.

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At the first follow-up on 3rd July 2019, which is after six weeks of following homeopathic medications, the patient was 80% improved and had no complaints from 1 month. He could eat spicy food also. He did not experience any pain or discomfort after following homeopathic medication.

At the second follow-up on 22nd August 2019, the patient’s complaint was aggravated. His piles were palpable and the stool was hard from 2-3 days, as he used to drink less water due to traveling.

At the third follow-up 2nd November 2019, the patient was much better and said having no complaints.

After six months of homeopathic treatment, the patient was 80% better than earlier.

At the fourth follow-up, when the patient gave his feedback on 23rd December 2019, he was 100% better in relief and asymptomatic. The patient was very happy to experience rapid improvement with the treatment, which he received at Life Force. He is continuing the treatment to avoid any relapse and for an overall improvement in health.

 This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat cases of piles within a very short period and is capable to provide you complete recovery from it and improvement in relief.


  • Written by Dr. Jyoti Kumari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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