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Homeopathy Offers A Great Relief From An Excruciating Back Pain Safely With No Side-Effects

A 35-years-old woman, Mrs. P.M. (PIN 32614) visited Life Force, Mulund branch on 30th June 2017. 

She was suffering from the lower back pain for five months. Her back pain had started post-delivery. Her pain used to get increased after getting up from the sitting position. The intensity of her pain used to get aggravated after prolonged standing & sitting, bending down, ascending stairs, carrying her baby for a long time, and after lifting heavy weights. She felt better after lying down and taking rest.

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She was taking calcium, Vitamin D3, and iron supplements from the last 8 months.

She had taken painkillers to get a relief from pain.

She was dark and obese, & she had a flabby stature. She consumed both vegetarian & non- vegetarian diet. Her appetite was average, & she consumed an average quantity of water every day. She had a strong craving for sweets, fish, and spicy foodstuffs. She had an aversion to pulses. She passed satisfactory stools daily. She enjoyed a sound sleep every day.

She was experiencing a tremendous hair fall from the last one month.

Her father was diagnosed with cancer, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis. Her mother was suffering from an underactive thyroid.

She was a loquacious, bold, & confident lady. She was working as an Excel Dynamics Assistant Manager in the Finance department. She had a fear of water. 

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her one of the research-based medicines.

After 3 months of the treatment, when she visited us on 8th September 2017 for a follow-up, she could walk erectly. Her intensity of the pain had decreased.

After 6 months of the treatment, when she visited us on 28th December 2017 for a follow-up, she was experiencing 50% improvement in the relief from her complaints.

After 12 months of the treatment, when she visited us on 4th June 2018, her backache had increased as she delivered the third baby and was looking after three kids.

She is still under our care and following the treatment to get relief from her chronic backache.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating back pain successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy work wonders in reducing the intensity and frequency of the back pain to a great extent

- Written by Dr. Karishma, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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