Genital Warts Got Cured Completely In 6 Months Of Homeopathic Treatment

A 39-years-old male patient, Mr. P.D.A. (PIN: 3***0) visited Life Force Homeopathy in February 2018 for the treatment of genital warts.

Mr. P.D.A. presented with a cluster of multiple warts on the penis. He narrated that one year back warts had started appearing as a small grayish extra skin growth on his penis. They grew gradually into a cauliflower-like growth covering the entire tip of the penis. He complained of itching over warts and difficulty in retracting the foreskin. He was taking Ayurvedic treatment for 6 months, but there was no significant improvement. His genital warts further increased in size and number. His screening tests for HIV and venereal diseases were negative. 

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He had associated complaints of Tinea Cruris (Fungal infection in the groins). He had a past history of Renal stone and malaria. His grandfather suffered from asthma, and his father had liver cirrhosis. 

He would prefer a vegetarian diet, and he would love to eat sweets. He was sensitive to the cold weather. He was working in a printing and designing firm in Mumbai. He was staying with his mother. His father died due to liver cirrhosis. He was reserved by nature. He was short-tempered. He would express his anger verbally as well as physically. He would beat the people when would turn impulsive. 

After going through the case details thoroughly, Dr. Shah examined the patient and advised him to undergo biopsy. Biopsy of the genital warts was positive for Human Papillomavirus genotype 6 (HPV). HPV is one of the commonest causes of genital warts. 

Dr. Shah prescribed Nitric Acid 30 along with other research-based medicine. 

The patient visited for the first follow-up in March 2018. The size and number of his genital warts were the as it is. There was a mild increase in the itching over the affected part. Dr. Shah revised the prescription after analyzing the follow-up. 

In the subsequent follow-ups, the patient reported a gradual improvement. The size and number of his warts had reduced significantly. 

In the recent follow-up on 24th August 2018, the patient reported a complete recovery from genital warts. There was no sign of genital warts nor there was any irritation. His genital warts got completely cured within six months of homeopathic treatment. The patient is happy with the recovery and continuing the treatment for his other complaints. 


This case is an excellent illustration of how homeopathy can cure difficult conditions like genital warts without any surgical intervention or side-effects.

- Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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