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Homeopathy Cures The Frozen Shoulder Completely Without Any Concerns

A 54-years-old lady resident of Sangli Maharashtra, Mrs. U.S.P. (PIN: 32364) visited Life Force Homeopathy in June 2017 for the treatment of Frozen shoulder. 

She was suffering from the frozen shoulder for 2 years before visiting Life Force. She would experience continuous, dull pain in the left shoulder, and her movement of the shoulder joint was restricted. She used to experience more pain on flexion and extension of the left shoulder joint. She used to experience a difficulty in performing her daily routine activities due to the restricted range of motion of her left shoulder. This complaint had started bothering after she had an uncontrolled blood sugar level 2 years back. She had suffered from the frozen shoulder in her right side in the past and that was treated with the conventional medicines (steroid injections), but, still, she would get pain in the right shoulder on and off. 

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She had associated complaints of diabetes, hypertension, and ischemic heart disease that were under control with the conventional treatment. She also had vitiligo, for which she wished to seek the treatment from Life Force. 
Mrs. U.S.P. had a past history of recurrent urinary tract infection. She had undergone an angioplasty in the past.

She had a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease. Her father had suffered from cancer. 

She was following a vegetarian diet. She would love to eat fried food. She was staying with her two sons and husband. Her husband was the chairman of a sugar factory in Sangli. Both her sons were the directors of the sugar factory. She was very attached to her family. She was a very sensitive lady. She would get anxious very easily. She was quite anxious about the health of her family members.

After going through the case details, Dr. Shah prescribed Ferrum Metalicum 30, Rhus tox 30, and other research-based medicines to the patient. 

In her first follow-up in August 2017, she reported around 50% improvement in her relief from the pain and restricted movement of the shoulder joint. Dr. Shah upgraded the prescription as per the patient's feedback.

In November 2017, the patient reported a further improvement and continued the medicines prescribed by Dr. Shah.

In February 2018, the patient reported a 75% improvement in her relief from the complaints of her left frozen shoulder. The pain in her both the shoulder joints had reduced a lot. She was experiencing a significant improvement in the range of movement of the left shoulder joint. 

In the recent follow-up, the patient reported a complete recovery from Frozen shoulder. She no more suffers from the pain. Also, her range of motion of the left shoulder improved and recovered completely. The patient is satisfied with the improvement in her condition and is continuing the treatment for Vitiligo. 

This case illustrates that the inflammation of the shoulder joint occurring due to the frozen shoulder is relieved of by homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy helps you in getting rid of the pain and improves the range of movement of the shoulder joint effectively and safely without any side-effects. 
Written by Dr. Aparna, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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