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Case-1: An automobile design engineer suffering from erectile dysfunction finds outstanding results with homeopathy.

Mr. S. P. (Patient Identification Number: 23681), a thirty four years old man visited Life Force on 23rd of September 2014 for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. He complained of sexual weakness and difficulty in penile erection since last four years. He tried having intercourse several times with his girl friend, but was unable to do so. Even if he could get an erection, he would suffer from premature ejaculation. On interrogating further, he revealed that he used to masturbate very frequently and also he wore very tight undergarments. He had taken conventional treatment (Viagra) for the sexual dysfunction problem but got no relief.

His testosterone levels were examined in March 2014 and they were within normal range.

Physically, he was of an average built. He was a non vegetarian by diet. His appetite was average and he had strong liking for spicy food. His thirst was normal. He had a tendency to generalized and profuse perspiration. He was sensitive to extremes of both weathers. His bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal. He did not have any addictions.

He was an automobile design engineer by profession. He was unmarried. He lived with parents and an elder brother and a younger sister. His father was working in a dye industry, while mother was a home maker. His elder brother was working as well and his sister was a teacher.

There was no significant history of any major disease in his family.

He did not have any major illness or infection or surgeries in the past.

He was well mannered and valued his principles and ethics. He was an introvert. He preferred reading books and surfing on the internet.

Dr. Shah studied the case in detail and prescribed two doses of Lycopodium Clavatum 30c and Agnus Castus 30c to be taken three times daily for six weeks. Dr. Shah also advised him to exercise regularly as it relaxes the body and boosts the energy levels. He was also suggested to have enough sleep everyday and to avoid very spicy food.

He visited clinic for his first follow up on 11th November 2014. He informed that he was better with the ongoing medicines. He experienced erections in the morning but had not attempted intercourse in the past six weeks. Dr. Shah repeated the same set of medicines as he was improving.

For the next follow up, he visited clinic on 23rd December 2014. He reported a further improvement in the complaint of erectile dysfunction. He continued to experience morning erections but was unable to penetrate when he attempted to have a sexual intercourse. Dr. Shah added one of his research based molecules to the ongoing prescription to enhance the improvement.

After six weeks, on 6th February 2015, he visited the clinic again. There was a great improvement in his condition. He could feel the positive results right from the first day of starting the new set of medicines. He could have satisfactory intercourse twice in the last one month. Dr. Shah repeated the same medicines for six weeks as he was improving with the medicines.

He noticed a consistent improvement in the complaint of erectile dysfunction after he had started the treatment. Positive results got much better after Dr.Shah prescribed him one of his research based molecules. He preferred to continue with the treatment as it not only helped him in the physical complaint but also psychologically as his confidence was boosted with medicines as well the counseling by Dr. Shah.

CONCLUSION : Homeopathy is strongly recommended in treating erectile dysfunction. It offers remarkable results in impotence arising from both physical as well as psychological causes.

(Case study by Dr. A. U. uploaded on 22nd September 2015)

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