Chronic Aphthous Ulcer Of 10 yrs Totally Cured With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 17-years-old boy, Mr. S.A. (PIN: 28568) visited Life Force on 26th April 2016 with a complaint of the Aphthous ulcer. The patient was suffering from aphthous ulcer for 10 years. At the time of consultation, his tongue, upper gum, cheeks and throat (occasionally) were affected by the disease. Mostly, his ulcers would appear and bother him after a high-grade fever. Pain and burning of mouth were common symptoms. He couldn’t eat anything at the time of ulcers. He used to suffer from an earache whenever he had Pharyngitis along with ulcers in the pharynx. He used to experience abdominal pain occasionally. Some pediatricians diagnosed it Hyper IgD syndrome or Periodic fever adenitis pharyngitis aphthous ulcer (PFAPA). He was taking conventional treatment for many years but didn’t get a satisfactory result. Besides this, there was no other specific complaint. 

The patient was non-vegetarian by diet. He liked the spicy and salty food. He was very fond of chicken, fish, and milk. He didn’t like fruits. His thirst was less. He was a chilly patient. His urine, perspiration, and sleep were normal. There was no specific dream.

In his family, his father was suffering from diabetes and acanthosis nigricans. His mother was suffering from hypothyroidism. His sister too had the tendency of the aphthous ulcer. His paternal grandfather was suffering from hypertension. His maternal grandmother was suffering from cancer. He had no specific past medical history.

He was a student of 10th standard. His father was the CEO of an IT company. His mother was a homemaker. He had a nine years old sister. 
He was studious, shy, and joyful in nature. He was reserved. He didn’t like to speak much. He was a very obedient child. 

On the mental level, he had a very irritable temperament. He was a very quiet and calm boy. He was very good at studies. He has a fear of height. He was nervous in nature. He used to take the stress of the studies or examination etc.  

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After studying his detailed case history, he was prescribed two doses of Silica 30 and a research-based molecule for his complaint.
After a few months of medication on 6th February 2017, when the patient gave his follow-up, there was a very good improvement observed in his condition. In the last 6 months, only one episode of fever was experienced by him. His ulcers were reduced by more than 50%. 

A few months later on 20th June 2017, when he gave his follow-up, his condition was under control. His tendency to get fever had reduced a lot. His ulcers appeared some time, but they were under control. His relief from weakness and dullness was 70% improved. His recovery from the abdominal pain, backache, and cough and cold tendency was also improved a lot. 

On 3rd November 2017 follow-up, his recovery from ulcers had improved by more than 80%. He had almost recovered from recurrent fever and a tendency to develop a cough and cold. He could then eat mild spicy food. His general well-being had also improved. He was not taking any conventional medicine.

On 30th January 2018, his condition was very good. All his complaints were almost recovered. He didn’t face any episode of aphthous ulcers and fever from a few months. His weakness & fatigue tendency had reduced a lot. He was very happy with the homeopathic treatment. 

His condition was totally cured so he was advised to stop the treatment. He was not taking any medicine for three months, still, he didn’t experience any complaint.
This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic aphthous ulcers successfully and safely without any side-effects. 

(Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah)

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