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Middle-Aged Woman Recovered From Dermatitis With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 59-years-old lady, Mrs. H. V. (PIN: 25301) reported to Life Force on 3rd April 2015 with the complaint of contact dermatitis (eczema), which was affecting both her legs and hands. She was experiencing this complaint from the last 10 years. She had hyper-pigmentation over her palms and soles. She complained of redness, itching, and severe itching which led to bleeding. Her complaints had aggravated in the last one year. Her nails were also affected. She was on the conventional treatment but didn’t get much relief.

Besides dermatitis, she had a chronic cough for the past two years. She had a dry hacking cough. Her cough used to get aggravated by lying down.

She was a non-vegetarian, and she had an adequate appetite. She liked eating spicy food. She was sensitive to the heat. 

She lived in a nuclear family which consisted of her husband and her son. She was a homemaker. She had one daughter and one son. Her daughter was married, and her son was doing a job.  

Her father had hypertension and diabetes. Her sister was suffering from hypertension. Her grandfather had asthma. 

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She had jaundice during childhood. Her hysterectomy was done 20 years back. 
She was an emotional, shy personality. She had been mentally frustrated after marriage, as her in-laws were non-supportive by nature. She was dominated by everyone. She had stress concerned with her husband’s health issues. 

After a detailed analysis of the case, Dr. Shah prescribed her Carcinosin 30c along with one of his research-based medicines for six weeks. 

At her first follow-up on 6th May 2015, she visited us and showed that her recovery from eczema was better by 25%. There was a considerable improvement in her relief from itching. Also, the thickening of her affected area had subsided.

She reported over the phone on 24th December 2015 and informed us that the itching had subsided completely. Her recovery from eczema was better by 50%. 

When she visited us after a few months on 6th June 2016, there was 75% improvement in her condition. The itching and scaling had reduced a lot. Her hyper-pigmentation had also faded. 

Later, she gave her follow-up over the phone on 10th Feb 2017. There was an occurrence of aggravation of the condition a few months back, but, thereafter, again her condition was better by 50%.

When the patient gave her feedback over the phone on 30th September 2017, her condition was 75% better than earlier. Her itching, scaling, and hyper-pigmentation had also reduced.  

The patient reported over the phone on 25th Jan 2018 that she was experiencing more than 80% relief in her condition. Her hyper-pigmentation was also cleared. She was experiencing 90% recovery from itching and scaling. 

This case illustrates that homeopathy is strongly recommended for treating contact dermatitis. Homeopathy helps promote recovery from contact dermatitis effectively and safely without any side-effects.

-Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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