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A Patient Thanks Dr. Shah For Her 90% Recovery From Chronic Acidity In 6 Months With Homeopathy

A 32-years-old female, Mrs. S.S.B. (PIN: 34705) consulted for acidity on 9th December 2017 at Pune branch of Life Force. She was suffering from this complaint since childhood. Her acidity episode would affect her twice in a month for three to four days. The first day of the episode would be very severe, and later it would alleviate slowly. She used to experience a severe headache during the episode. Also, she used to suffer from other symptoms, such as bile secretion, burning of the abdomen, nausea, etc. Her irregular diet, irregular sleep, stress, and the cold weather always triggered her acidity. She was taking the conventional medicine at the time of the episode. Besides this, she was also suffering from hair fall for 10 years.
The patient was a vegetarian by diet, but she would eat an egg sometimes. The patient liked sweets & spicy foods a lot. She disliked salty food and apple. Her thirst was very less, and she hardly used to drink one liter of water. Her stool, urine, and perspiration were average. She was a chilly patient. Her menses were regular. Her sleep was very disturbed.

The patient and her husband both were working in the IT sector. Her son was 5 years old. Her father-in-law was a retired person, and her mother-in-law was a homemaker. 

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She was reserved by nature. She always suppressed her emotions. She would never hurt anybody. She was very obedient. She was quite overprotective when it came to her son, and she was very caring for her family. Also, she was very emotional and adjustable. 

She had suffered from piles in her past. In her family, her maternal grandfather and paternal grandfather both were diabetic, and her mother was suffering from hypothyroidism. Her paternal grandmother died due to a heart attack.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her his research-based molecules.

After five weeks of the homeopathic treatment, she gave her first follow-up on 23rd January 2018. Her recovery from the complaints was 50% improved. The relief from all her symptoms, such as a headache, bile secretion, burning in food pipe, etc., had improved. Also, her hair fall had reduced. 

On 28th April 2018, her recovery from the complaints had improved by more than 75%. Her acidity episode had appeared once or twice in a month, but its severity was very less. Also, her hair fall had 50% reduced. 

Recently, when she has given her follow-up on 27th June 2018, her condition was almost recovered. Her relief from the acidity symptoms was 90% improved. Her acidity episode had appeared mostly due to irregular diet, but the severity of that episode was very less. Also, her hair fall had reduced significantly showing a good improvement of 70% in her relief from the hair fall complaint. She was continuously taking vitamin’s supplement, which was advised to her a few months back. She was satisfied with the treatment. 

She is still continuing the treatment for the further recovery.


This case illustrates that the right diagnosis with the right homeopathic medication help in treating acidity effectively and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy offers a great relief from chronic acidity in a short span on time.

-Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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