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ADHDEight-year-old boy R.A.K. (Patient Identification Number- L-9055) visited Life Force on 4th November 2006 from Hyderabad with his parents. His father had searched on the Internet for the treatment of Lichen planus and planned to personally see Dr. Shah for his son's treatment.

The boy had come with complaints of extensive papular eruptions all over body since last 3-4 months. The eruptions were reddish-black in color and were elevated. He had excessive itching over the lesions. He was on steroidal creams and anti-histamines for 3 months and had also taken oral corticosteroids for 2 weeks after which his lesions had started spreading rapidly. Skin Biopsy was done a month back, which diagnosed the condition as lichen planus.

Along with this, the boy also presented with severe pain in the knee joint, elbow joint, ankle joint and wrist joints since last 2-3 weeks. His joint pains would be better by a tight bandage. He also had an acute episode of lower respiratory tract infection with breathlessness before 3-4 months. He was prescribed a steroid based inhaler for a week. His mother felt his lichen planus surfaced after this episode of respiratory infection.

He was a fair skinned boy studying in grade III. He was a vegetarian and had a liking for spicy food, ice-cream, and cold drinks. He was a very brilliant child. Always used to get 1st rank in the class. He was also very good in other curricular activities like drawing, painting, dancing etc. He was very sensitive and emotional by nature. He was very affectionate towards both his parents. His father was a software engineer and had the touring job. He used to miss his father terribly when he was on tour and would sleep after taking his father's t-shirt with him on the bed. His mother was a housewife. Whenever his mother would get ill he would take complete care of her. He was so sentimental that a small tension in the family would give him chest pain. He was also very fearsome. He would not sleep alone in the room and was even scared to go in the lift. He loved making friends and desired company.

His paternal grandfather was suffering from hypertension and diabetes mellitus. His paternal grandmother was suffering from hypertension and his cousin paternal uncle was known to have some skin affection resembling lichen planus.

Because of this lichen planus, his studies were affected. He was getting irritated. He was not able to enjoy extra-curricular activities.

Dr Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Carcinosin 200c along with his research-based medicine for lichen planus.

His parents regularly gave feedback on his progress over phone and email. He had started improving after the very first prescription. His lichen planus lesions on the chest, back and abdomen were remarkably better within a month's treatment. His lesions over face, neck, and thighs were taking time to improve. Along with this, his parents reported that he was getting rashes on the skin especially after eating wheat.

The patient visited Life Force accompanied by his parents on 16th May 2007, around six months after the start of the treatment. His lichen planus was completely cured. He only had hyper-pigmented marks. But he still used to suffer from frequent colds and rashes on the skin after eating wheat. His case was studied and some changes were made in the prescription.

His parents reported his feedback over the phone on 16th April 2008 mentioning that his hyper-pigmented marks have lightened and his allergic complains after eating wheat were also better.

His parents seemed very happy and satisfied to report over the phone on 12th December 2008 that he had no complaints at all and their child was absolutely healthy once again. They were very thankful to Dr. Shah.

His parents visited Life Force on 3rd May 2014 along with the patient and his sister. They said their faith in Dr. Shah's treatment brought them back to Mumbai. They had now come to start homeopathic treatment for their daughter who is suffering from digestive complaints and frequent colds. They reported it’s been over six years since the treatment stopped and there is no relapse. They were absolutely content with the treatment of their son and said Dr. Shah has given my son a new life with confidence. They were even delighted to share their experience through written and video testimonial.

(Case study prepared by Dr. Kruti on 03/05/2014)

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