A Senior Citizen Gets Relief From Chronic Psoriasis With Homeopathy

An 84-years-old male patient, Mr. A.K.S. (PIN: 19579) filled up an online questionnaire on 3rd August 2012. He was suffering from extensive psoriasis for 5 years. It would turn worse in the winter. His brother’s death could be a reason for the aggravation of his complaints. There was a marked itching, redness of the skin, burning sensation, and occasional bleeding due to scratching present. The patient was also experiencing the scaling of the skin.

Along with this, he was also suffering from hypertension and an under-active thyroid disorder. His appetite and thirst were average. Also, his perspiration was average. He couldn’t tolerate the cold.He stayed with his wife and three sons. There was no stress in his life, but he used to get angry easily.The patient was allergic to gluten.

Dr. Shah went through his case in detail and prescribed one of his patented medicines to the patient. On 2nd October 2012, in the first follow-up itself, his burning sensation and bleeding had reduced to 50%. Also, there was a tremendous improvement in the recovery from the scaling of the skin. Later, the patient experienced a relapse in the symptoms as the winter set in by November 2012.

By 28th January 2013, the bleeding had almost stopped apart from an occasional oozing of blood on scratching. The recovery from the scaling of skin was getting better too. This patient always communicated by the means of the questionnaire as he was residing out of the town. On 7th June 2013, he sent a feedback saying there was a remarkable improvement in his condition. He no more suffered from the burning sensation and bleeding. His itching had reduced drastically, occasionally affecting the waist and the lower back.

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By 31st October 2013, the patient felt he was almost cured of his psoriasis of 5 years. He no more suffered from the bleeding, oozing, burning, or itching discomfort. A new skin was developing with the reduced-scaling of the affected skin. Dr. Shah further upgraded the medicines to enhance the treatment further. On 20th Jan 2014, he was far better than earlier. There was hyperpigmentation on the skin, but his overall condition was extremely better in spite of the fierce winter in Gwalior. In September 2014, he vomited blood and was admitted in the hospital. His reports revealed he had ulcers in the intestine. He continued with the homeopathic medicines, and his recovery from psoriasis was much better.

On 7th January 2015, he reported that, even in the coldest period of the year, his complaints had not aggravated and his overall health condition was gradually improving. Just a slight itching still persisted on his legs and lower back. The doctor upgraded his medicines again for his further health progress. On 6th February 2016, he reported that he was 60% better. His condition in this winter season was much better than what it was in the last winters which he had faced with psoriasis. His medicines were upgraded as per the given feedback.

On 19th October 2017, he gave a feedback again saying that his condition had improved by 90%. His flaking of skin had reduced drastically. He no more suffered from the itching or bleeding. He continued with the medicines. From the last more than a year, he has been steadily and constantly improving, but he continues with the treatment at Life Force to prevent the further progress of the disease and to keep psoriasis under control.

Although he has to continue with the treatment for the further improvement in his health, he is happy and fully satisfied as he is convinced and has the knowledge of the course of the disease and how homeopathy helps in controlling it effectively.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic psoriasis, controlling it, and providing a great relief from its discomfort successfully and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Chetali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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