A Young Female Recovered From Ulcerative Colitis With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 35-years-old female, Mrs. R.R. (PIN: 29749) consulted at Life Force for her recurrent episodes of ulcerative colitis on 12th September 2016. She was suffering from this complaint for two and a half years. It had started after eating petha (Sweets). Her first episodes of this condition were very severe. She suffered from bilious vomiting, diarrhea, and bleeding while passing the stool. She had experienced a total of five episodes since the beginning of the condition. 

When she consulted at Life Force, she was on the conventional treatment but got no major relief. Still, she was suffering from frequent stools, burps after every meal, weakness, and a dull pain at back. She was suffering from a cluster headache from the past two years. Her headache always used to get triggered when she would have a lack of sleep and diet irregularity. 

The patient was a vegetarian by diet. He liked eating fruits, milk, sweets, & spicy food a lot. Her thirst was frequent. Her perspiration was less than average. Her sleep was interrupted. She was sensitive to the cold temperature. She was a homemaker. Her husband was working in a government firm as a manager. 
She had Chichen Gunia in the past. Her father and mother had diabetes and hypertension. 

She was expressive by nature. She couldn’t bear contradiction. She was short-tempered. She had stress related to the current status of her health. Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed phosphorus 30 and his research-based molecules for ulcerative colitis to the patient.

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After a few months, when she gave her follow-up on 6th Jan 2017, her condition had improved by more than 80%. Blood and mucus in her stool had reduced. The frequency of her stool had reduced a lot. But, some new symptoms, such as acne, appeared. So, Dr. Shah revised her case and prescribed the required medicine.
On her second follow-up on 7th March 2017, her relief from the complaints had improved. Her frequency of stool had reduced significantly. The amount of mucus and blood in her stool had reduced. 

When she gave her next follow-up on 20th April 2017, her relief from the complaints had improved by more than 95%. There was no blood and mucus present in her stool. The pain in her abdomen was also reduced by 98%. Her weakness had reduced a lot. Her general well-being had improved significantly. The patient was very happy with the improvement in her health and well-being. 

This case illustrates that homeopathy is highly effective in treating ulcerative colitis and promoting recovery from ulcerative colitis significantly and safely without any side-effects. Such a multi-factorial, integrated approach is highly recommended in the cases of ulcerative colitis. In this case, homeopathy led to a dramatic clinical improvement and enhanced the patient’s quality of life incredibly.
Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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