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Diagnosed as Chronic Hepatitis C since 4 years. Had multiple complaints like generalized weakness, fatigue and would occasionally get flu-like symptoms.

Mr. K. M. S. (Patient Ref. No. L-7590), 55 year old male patient reported to us after being diagnosed as Chronic Hepatitis C since 4 years. He had multiple complaints like generalized weakness and fatigue. He would occasionally get flu-like symptoms; mild fever between 99-100ºF, occasional chills and sweating. He also complained of discomfort in the abdomen and increased flatulence. Intermittently he would experience congestion in right chest and right abdomen.

Since 8 years he also had complaints of suffocative feeling after eating and bloating of the abdomen with inability to pass gas comfortable. These complaints had started after the removal of his gall bladder for gall stones. His complaints would be better by being on empty stomach and by walking. Taking a meal and resting would make problems worse for him.

His appetite was good in general and he was very fond of potatoes, meat, pickles, salted snacks and warm milk. He disliked sweets, certain vegetables and fruits. He would have increased thirst for water at night. Perspiration was normal and he was sensitive to extremes of weather i.e. he could not tolerate excess of heat or cold. He had a chronic tendency to be constipated and the stools would mostly be unsatisfactory. His sleep would be disturbed and dreamy and he would often dream of conferences with familiar dead people.

He stayed with his wife and 3 sons. From the age of 13 to 20 years, he spent his life as a body builder. He was sharp minded as a student and always stood first or second up to the age of 22 years. He had deep interest in mathematics and technical education. He was fond of repairing any kind of appliance and machine. By nature he preferred honesty and he would never speak lies. If anybody else would lie before him he would investigate deeply and would want to punish that person. He didn't drink or smoke ever. He would be helpful to others. He described his nature as rigid and he would always think deeply in dark side of the situation. Before his illness he never thought that anything is impossible. He also was short tempered though his temper would last only for a short period then he would regain sympathy towards the opposite person. He would generally be in an anxious mood with fear of something unknown always existing in his mind. He also complained of weakness of memory and mental confusion. He would also feel very depressed and low in spirits most of the time.

His past history included losing his vision in the right eye at the age of 8, multiple accidents wherein he sustained several fractures; gall bladder removal at the age of 50 for gall stones. Apart from this he had also suffered from eczema, ring-worm and filariasis in the past. He also had multiple abscesses in the past, in the hip, armpit and on the head. In childhood he would get recurrent tonsillitis and would also have breath holding problems. He had been operated for bilateral hydrocoele in the past.

His family history included filariasis, bronchitis and amnesia (father); some liver and skin disorder (mother); and gout (grandmother). Both his sisters had hypertension and diabetes and one of his sons had died at the age of 5 years due to tuberculous meningitis.

His medical reports when he started treatment with us were as follows:
Haemoglobin : 16.6
RBC : 5.24
WBC : 10000
N65 L32 E2 M1
Platelet : 120
AST : 318
ALT : 454
Alk Phos : 208
Albumin : 4.8
Globulin : 5.1
BUN : 42
Creat : 1.4
HBs Antigen : Negative
Anti HCV Antibodies : Positive
HCV RNA (RT-PCR) : 127000 IU/ml (Hepatitis C Viral Load) on 9.6.2005

His treatment was started based on the above history and he was prescribed the remedy after evaluating his case in details. About 3 months after starting the treatment, he repeated his hepatitis C viral load and it showed significant improvement in just a span of 3 months. Yet another 2 months later the test was repeated and this time the viral load was less than detectable limits. The reports have been summarized as follows:


Viral Load


127000 IU/ml




Less than detectable limit

His treatment was continued and he was informed that he would need long-term treatment for his complaints since this was too early to make any conclusions inspite of the fact that the viral load was less than detectable limit. But an important aspect of this case which has to be noted is that the viral load does show significant change after initiating homoeopathic treatment and the patient also feels better subjectively. Hence homoeopathy should be considered as a treatment option in case of such difficult diseases also. Only long term follow ups can enlighten us about the scope of complete recovery in such cases.

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