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A 64-Years-Old Man Recovered Incredibly From Nephrotic Syndrome With Homeopathy

A 64-years-old man, Mr. G.M.K. (PIN: 8757) visited Life Force on 9th August 2006. He was suffering from the complaints of nephrotic syndrome for the last 2 years. His nephrotic syndrome episode used to occur with the development of puffiness of body. All his episodes were managed by diuretics. Then, the patient was not having any symptoms but urine albumin was + or ++ with generalized weakness. 

He was also a known case of increased blood pressure for the last 3 years and was taking allopathic medicines for the same. He was a short-tempered person with uncontrollable anger and violence. He was involved in the union activities. He was trying to ignore things. He tried to control his anger. He was having anxiety about health. He used to discuss his problems with friends. He liked to be in the company of people, who would think like him, or, otherwise, he remained alone. He sacrificed his promotion and stood for the workers and talent.

He was having a mixed diet but then got converted to a vegan diet recently. He had an average appetite. He was having craving for spicy and sweets. His father was suffering from hypertension. 
His case details were studied by Dr. Shah in detail, and the patient was prescribed research-based medicines for nephrotic syndrome.

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He reported after 6 weeks on 19th September 2006 that his complaint of weakness was better in the terms of relief. Urine albumin was maintained on + or ++. Later, when he visited us for the follow-up on 15th December 2006, his complaint of weakness was much better. Urine albumin was maintained on + or ++. He was having the recurrent complaints of cold for the last two months. 
When he reported on 14th February 2007, his complaint of weakness was cured. Urine albumin was maintained between + and ++. His recovery from the complaint of cold was also better by 50%.

Later, when he reported on 15th May 2007, he had no complaint of weakness. Urine albumin was maintained on + or ++. His recovery from the complaint of cold was also better by 50%. He reported on 18th December 2007 that he had recovered from his complaint of weakness. Urine albumin was maintained on + or ++. His recovery from the complaint of cold was also better by 75%.

In the subsequent follow-ups till January 2009, he was much better. In Jan 2009, he reported that only morning first urine protein was traced or one plus. In May 2009, he reported that his urine albumin is nil.

In the subsequent follow-ups till December 2009, he was much better. In December 2009, he reported that his urine protein was absent and his 24 hours urine protein in April 2010 was 161 mg, in June 2011 was 200 mg, and in January 2012 was 96mg without any other complaint.

This case highlights the fact that a well-chosen homeopathic remedy and regular follow-ups can promote a remarkable recovery from nephrotic syndrome and a significant improvement in the patient’s condition. In this case, the patient continued to take a long-term treatment, even in the absence of relapses, which helped the patient to obtain great results.

Written by Dr. Swapnil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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