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A Young Lady Recovered From Multiple Complaints With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 36-years-old patient, Mrs. P.B (PIN: 34736) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 11th December 2017 with a complaint of hemorrhoids which she was suffering for three years. She complained of soreness and irritation after passing the stools. Her stools were satisfactory with no history of constipation. Her complaint was aggravated from the past three days, as she took the conventional medicines for fever. Her complaints used to get aggravated after eating spicy food, junk food, and due to irregular sleep.

Besides piles, she was also suffering from PCOD for the last 12 years. Due to it, her menses were delayed always. She had gained weight. She was also experiencing hair fall and muscular twisting. Also, she was experiencing discomfort due to acidity and urticaria problem from the past four and two years respectively.

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Mrs. P. B. was a vegetarian. She was having a marked craving for sweets and chocolates. She was sensitive to the heat. Her bowel and urine were normal. Her sleep was sound. 

She was a teacher and used to take classes of Abacus. Her husband was in the defense. She had one son who was 14 years old. 

There was no major illness in her past. Her mother was suffering from arthritis and menstrual problem. Her sister had a thyroid problem. She was anxious, expressive, and bold by nature. She was very emotional and time punctual. 

After studying her case in detail, she was prescribed with Nux Vomica and some other research-based medicines by Dr. Shah. 

She visited for her first follow-up on 20th Jan 2018. There was a 25% improvement in her condition. Her pain and soreness after passing the stool had reduced. Her menses came on time. Her urticaria had also reduced up to 50% 

When she visited again on 16th March 2018, her discomfort due to piles had aggravated as she had some junk food. Her PCOD, urticaria, and acidity were under control. So, Dr. Shah revised her case and prescribed medicines accordingly.

When Mrs. P. B. reported on 26th June 2018, her condition was better than the last time. Her irritation and pain had reduced. Her relief from acidity and urticaria was 90% better. She was not experiencing any episodes. Her menses were regular and she had lost premenstrual symptoms.

When she visited on 26th September 2018, there was 50% improvement in her recovery from piles. Her menses were regular for four months, and her premenstrual symptoms had reduced. Her acidity and urticaria were cured completely. She had experienced no episodes since she started with the treatment.    

Later, when she visited on 16th November 2018, her relief from piles was 90% better. She had no complaints from the past 3 months. Her menses were regular from the past 6 months. Her urticaria and acidity had cured since the past 7 months.

This case shows that homeopathy works wonders and promotes recovery in a short period of time for multiple diseases, such as hemorrhoids, urticaria, acidity, and PCOD. It boosts your immune system so overall improvement can be seen safely without any side-effects.  

Written by Dr. Ishwari, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah   

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