The Patient Was Satisfied With His Recovery From Memory Loss With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-years-old male, Mr. N.V.I. (PIN: 25995) consulted at Life Force for memory loss on 19th June 2015. He informed that, probably, he was suffering from memory loss for 7-8 years, but he noticed it during the last 4-5 months. He experienced poor recollection of the names and events even after being reminded of it. He couldn’t remember the names of his close ones. He used to forget objects after giving/keeping them somewhere, and he tried to recall the names of objects and places, where he had kept objects. He explained many recent events which showed his forgetfulness. He had taken Ayurvedic medicine for it but didn’t get a satisfactory result. Besides this, he was also suffering from piles for one and a half years. 

The patient was a non-vegetarian by diet. His appetite was normal, and he had no specific liking for any particular food. He didn’t like bitter gourd. His thirst was less. His sweating was average but offensive. His stool, urine, and sleep were normal. 

He was running his own tax consultancy. His wife was a homemaker. He had two daughters, elder one was ten years old and the younger one was two and a half years old. 

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In his past history, he had rheumatic heart disease from the age of 9 months, and, for that, he had taken Penidura till 21 years of age. And, he had suffered from the complaint of mumps in 2012. In his family history, his father had a kidney complaint, and his mother had cancer. Except this, there was no specific family medical history.

He was very gentle and sober in nature. He was expressive and calm. He was a perfectionist, and he expected the same from others. 

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed him research-based molecules. 
After five weeks of the treatment, he gave his first follow-up on 28th August 2015. He had experienced a good change in his condition. He informed that his recovery from the memory loss complaint was 50% improved. His other complaint had also reduced by 50%.  
On 22nd December 2015, he reported 70% improvement in his condition. He informed that he experienced occasional episodes of forgetfulness, prominently when he was stressed. Otherwise, the frequency of his episode had reduced a lot.  

Due to a good improvement in his condition, he had stopped following the medicine for approximately two years. But, on 5th October 2017, he visited Life Force center again and informed that his condition was aggravating for a few months. His episode of forgetfulness had again occurred, still, his sleep was normal. So, as per his condition, Dr. Shah did the required changes in the medicine. 

After two months of the treatment, he gave his follow-up on 10th January 2018. There was a 40% improvement in his recovery from forgetfulness. But, the patient had a query that after taking the medicine a loss of libido was experienced. It was explained to him that it was not due to homeopathic medicine and he was advised to continue the same medicine.

On 22nd March 2018, he gave his follow-up & some more improvement was observed further in his condition. The frequency of his forgetfulness had reduced significantly. 

A few months later on 10th September 2018, he reported 75%-80% improvement in his recovery from the memory loss. He was happy with the result. His episode of forgetfulness had reduced a lot. 

He stopped the treatment due to a good recovery. 

This case shows us how chronic and stubborn diseases like memory loss can be effectively handled with Homeopathy and the patient can be restored to normal health completely.

Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah (MD, Hom)

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