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A Banker Got 70% Recovery From 9 Years Persistent Psoriasis In Just 2 Months Of Treatment At Life Force

A 30-years-old lady, Mrs. K.M. (PIN: 37860) came to Life Force Pimpri clinic with the complaints of Psoriasis with its nine years chronicity. She was very anxious as her psoriasis patches were present on the visible areas, & she was embarrassed more often than not answering to the people about the ailment. 

Psoriasis had affected her whole scalp significantly. A few lesions of psoriasis were present over her forehead, around the ears, a large area over the lateral & posterior side of the neck, elbows, and knees, and her hip joints too were affected minimally. 

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There was intense itching over her patches with redness, burning sensation, & eventual scaling of the skin.

Her ailment had a genetic link of auto-immune disease in the family with her father suffering from hypertension. She was a vegetarian by diet & had a liking for salty & spicy food.  She did not like milk. She had a normal thirst, but, she hardly experienced perspiration. She had a happy childhood, student life, work life, & married life and was well-settled.

She had a 3 years old son, who wakes her up every now & then, leading to disturbed sleep. She was an extrovert and expressive by nature, & she wanted the things to go her way. She was worried about her son as both the parents were working & the child was managed at daycare.
Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. studied the case thoroughly & prescribed his research-based molecules for 6 weeks to the patient.

In October 2018, at her first follow-up, she had experienced relief of around 25% in a short span. By November 2018, she had got a tremendous improvement of more than 70% in her recovery from Psoriasis. She is very hopeful in getting totally relieved of this chronic & stubborn disease once and for all.

This case highlights that homeopathy is not slow, and the cure with homeopathy depends upon the response of the immune system to the medicines as well as the effectiveness of the medicines. Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D. with his extensive research & research-based molecules, once again proves the efficacy of Homoeopathy in a chronic & auto-immune disease like Psoriasis & this is really commendable.

Written by Dr. Aditya Atholi, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, M.D.

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